Top 5 Acetate Sheets For Crafts 2022

Acetate sheets, or acetates, are used in a horde of different activities because of their transparency. They can be used from food decorations and card designs to stencils and even face shields for the coronavirus!

Acetate sheets also play a huge part in the beautification of the crafting world. They’re used in various types of artwork, 3D embellishments, and so much more! Not all acetate sheets will do your job perfectly, though.

Different acetate sheets come with different properties, suiting their use, but today, we’ll help you out in finding the perfect acetate sheets for crafts that you can use to achieve the most beautiful kinds of art.

Acetate Sheets For Crafts

Comparison Chart Of Top 5 Acetate Sheets For Crafts

IMAGE PRODUCT Thickness (mils) Size (Inches) Heat-resistant price
Grafix Ultra Clear Craft Plastic 7 12×12 Yes
Hygloss Products Acetate-Like Transparency Film 7 8.5×11 No
Samsill Clear Craft Plastic Sheet 7 12×12 No
Grafix Acetate Pad 3 9×12 Yes
ZICOTO Stencil Sheet Set 4 12×12 Yes

What Are Acetate Sheets?

Acetate sheets are actually plastic sheets made of synthetic polyester called Polyethylene Terephthalateor “cellulose acetate.”

Acetate sheets are mainly known for their clarity or transparency, which is achieved with the help of the polyester compound.

This property has a great impact in its wide use in the crafting industry as well as other activities, such as making stencils and dividers.

Moreover, acetate sheets are extremely thin. They’re measured in thousandth of inches; this extremely small thickness makes it easy to cut these sheets into different shapes and sizes, helping with the crafting projects.

The cellulose material accepts colors brilliantly into the sheets, which makes designs and artwork stand out in these rolls.

We know that plastic generally has a pretty high melting point, which lets you easily create heat embossments on these sheets.

What Are Acetate Sheets Used For In Crafts?

Acetate sheets have a wide variety of uses in the crafting industry. From simple designs to 3D decorations, these sheets tick the criteria for all such activities. Moreover, they don’t have any limits when it comes to usage in crafts.

The flexibility of these sheets are great for chocolate and other food decorations. You can bend them around different objects too, if you are, for example, beautifying your window sill.

You can add all kinds of artistry to greeting cards, birthday cards, and many more with various colors and artwork. The acetate sheets do an amazing job in making them eye-catching and elegant.

You can go a step further with these wondrous things and create heat embossments. You can add any sort of textures and designs with the help of a certain amount of heat to beautify your work.

Furthermore, 3D embellishments can be conveniently created using acetate sheets.

How To Use Acetate Sheets For Art   

Acetate sheets are a great choice to show off your art skills and capabilities. You can mainly achieve the best form of your work using watercolor or acrylic paints. You can do it in lots of different ways, and we’re going to show you just a basic overview on the things you should keep in mind!

Cutting The Die

  • Choose the die you want to work with and take one acetate sheet.
  • Place your die where you want it on the sheet and sandwich them between two thin metallic blocks, which should create the silhouette of your die on the acetate.
  • Put the acetate in your die-cut machine, for example, Cricut, and cut the shape of your die out. Make sure you keep enough space in the bottom of your die.

Applying Color

  • Put acrylic paint or watercolor onto a smooth surface.
  • Place your die on a white surface.
  • Using a damp paintbrush, apply your chosen color on the backside of your acetate sheet. Use any kind of combination you want to beautify in your own way.
  • Make sure the colors are wet when mixing, so they mix well and dry faster.
  • After you’re done, let the colors dry and settle in.


  • Once your colors dry, cut your acetate sheet according to your card front.
  • Using foam adhesive, stick the sheet to the card front and show off your artwork!

5 Best Acetate Sheets for Crafts Reviews

1. Grafix Ultra Clear Craft Plastic

Whether it’s a greeting card or a stencil, the Grafix acetate sheets have got you covered in every single way!

The very first thing that caught our attention about this brilliant Grafix Craft Plastic is the thickness; we could rather call it thinness!

With an extremely small width of 0.007”, the sheets are satisfying to cut through. Even the bluntest of scissors will do the job for you.

The polyester component of the acetate roll does a great job of bringing out the vibrancy of the colors in any sort of design. As a result, the design prints look bright on these sheets.

Moreover, this polyester comes with a high threshold level for heat.

You can conveniently use it for stencils and all types of embossing activities, making your patterns stand out beautifully.

These Grafix clear acetate sheets are also not affected by over-exposure to water. So you can create stencils for cakes and cookies and then wash them off for reusing later on.

Highlighted Features

  • The small width of 0.007” is easy to cut through.
  • Colors print out vibrantly and make design prints stand out.
  • The polyester has a high endurance for heat.
  • Quality of acetate sheets isn’t damaged after washing.

2. Hygloss Products Acetate-Like Transparency Film

The Hygloss acetate-like sheets have taken the market by storm with their outstanding acid-free surface.

With the absence of lignin, the polyester structure brings a new level of longevity to these sheets. The sheets can be crafted repeatedly, but the material always stays intact.

These acetate roll have a breadth of around 7 mills. So while it’s not thinner than the Grafix sheets, there’s a bit of extra thickness helps with the resilience of the sheets.

We were amused by the writable features of this transparency film. You can use all types of markers and sign pens on these sheets without a problem.

These Hyglossthick acetate sheets are only available in 8.5×11” dimensions, thus might not be perfect for all types of crafting activities.

You’ll be amazed at how the sheets work with the surrounding environment to dry up the markings rapidly. As a result, the ink doesn’t smear or get damaged, even if the sheets aren’t properly handled. 

Highlighted Features

  • Absence of acid and lignin allows the sheets to be used over and over again.
  • The sheets are a bit thicker than general acetate, increasing the resilience.
  • Adapts greatly to all types of markers and sign pens.
  • Ink settles rapidly and doesn’t smear even with improper handling.

3. Samsill Clear Craft Plastic Sheet

Known in the industry for over six decades now, Samsill has always been producing high-quality acetate sheets for all sorts of crafting activities.

We were impressed with how smoothly it works with Cricut. Cutting out your intricate designs and artwork on the sheets is made much easier coupled with the machine, so you can craft in any way you want.

The craft films have an excellent rate of transparency. This is because they’re not actual acetate, rather a synthetic compound of plastic; so, the maximum amount of clarity is achieved, and the sheets are extremely clear.

These Samsill acetate roll have a very good range of elasticity. As a result, you can adjust their shapes and structure into different forms for any kind of crafts that you might want to do, from stencils to shaker cards.

Similar to the Grafix acetate sheets, these Samsill products also have a thickness of 0.007”. On top of that, they have a very balanced weight, which is comfortable to work with.

They’re very light during handling, but at the same time, you can easily use them as dividers in your sticker sets or card boxes.

Highlighted Features

  • Synthetic compound brings out maximum transparency on the sheets.
  • Has a good range of elasticity and can be adjusted into various forms.
  • A very balanced to both work with as well as used as dividers for different crafts.
  • Works brilliantly with cutting machines like Cricut.

4. Grafix Acetate Pad

If you love crafting but also care about the environment, the Grafix acetate pads are your way to go!

Made with organic materials, the acetate sheets take up much less energy to make compared to the other sheets and obviously take part in a greener Earth.

Apart from that, this property also makes this acetate rolls perfect for food crafts. These are approved “safe” by FDA to be used with food, unlike the previous acetate sheets, like the Samsill or Hygloss.

Furthermore, this model of Grafix sheets is the thinnest on our list. With a width of only 3 mils, these sheets can be conveniently cut in all sorts of sizes and can be used as a transparent cover for different gifts and cards.

However, this small thickness property also makes it prone to tearing more easily.

Like the other Grafix acetate sheets, this product also has a high resistance to heat. As a result, you can carry out various types of embossments. However, you’ll need to be careful with how much time you put the heat on.

Highlighted Features

  • Approved safe by FDA to be used in food crafts and decorations.
  • The thinnest width of 3 mils can be easily cut in all sizes for transparent cover.
  • Helps in contributing to a greener Earth with long-lasting crafts.
  • Works at high levels of heat for various types of embossments.

5. ZICOTO Stencil Sheet Set

Made with modified Polyethylene Terephthalate, which is a form of polyester called Mylar, ZICOTO has brought an excellent acetate sheet for crafts in the market.

Just like our previous Grafix acetate roll, the Mylar sheets are also biodegradable and eco-friendly. So you can use them for a long period of time but won’t have to worry even if you leave them be.

Moreover, these sheets can handle a large volume of water contact before the structure starts to break. As a result, you can craft almost anything, wash it off, and reuse it endlessly.

These acetate sheets come in 12×12” dimensions, which increases your scope of crafting. In addition, you can cut and adjust the sheets in various sizes and designs to get the optimum result.

Cutting the sheets also feels very effortless because of the small breadth of 4 mils, but this also means that cutting sophisticated patterns is relatively difficult.

Nevertheless, the small thickness and a weight of only 0.79 pounds simplify working with these sheets as they’re much more malleable.

You can use them on all kinds of surfaces, from straight, flat windows to curved chocolate decorations.

Highlighted Features

  • High-grade polyester Mylar is highly water-resistant.
  • Sheets are available in 12×12”, so the scope of crafting is higher.
  • Sheets can be cut seamlessly because of the small breadth.
  • Small weight coupled with Mylar helps the sheets to be more malleable and flexible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What Can I Use In Place Of Acetate Sheets?

You can use transparency films made of a polyester compound that can be readily found in various stores.

This polyester compound is of a different composition and has a better longevity and purity. The most well-known example of these films are the Grafix Dura-Lar.

2. What Are Acetate Sheets Used For Cricut?

Acetate sheets are used to create various kinds of precise and detailed shapes and sizes using Cricut. It can be quite difficult to cut manually using scissors, and Cricut makes it much easier to cut the outline of an art, for borders and windows, for dividers in sticker sets, and more.

3. Are Acetate Sheets Reusable?

Yes, acetate sheets can be reused continuously.

Most acetate sheets are acid and lignin-free and come with a good range of water resistance. So you can create your crafts and wash them off to conveniently use them later on again without much drop in sheet quality.

4. Can You Print On Cricut Acetate Sheets?

Yes, you can print on Cricut acetate sheets, but it’s safer to check the specifications of your sheets before doing so.

Different sheets have different thicknesses and heat thresholds.

A low heat threshold will not allow you to print on these sheets using Laser printers. Likewise, too small of a thickness will smear the ink all over when printed using Inkjet printers.

Therefore, you should check out the specifications and also if the manufacturer recommends printing on the acetate sheets in the first place.


Acetate sheets are a widely used commodity today. Along with crafts, they’re also employed in different official activities.

Acetate sheets for crafts need to be chosen with a good sense of what type of crafting you’re planning to do. Therefore, you should check out the thickness and heat threshold along with some other characteristics of these sheets before choosing one for yourself.

We’ve focused on a number of factors like these and brought together the five best acetate sheets we think will take your crafting experience a long way.

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