Best 24 Inch Printer 2022

A 24-inch printer can be a great start to having your images printed on large-format papers. It can be for a photo exhibition, a grand opening of your business, or for finalizing your architectural plans onto paper. You can make the most of this unit by printing a banner, poster, wall decal, billboard, canvas, signage, or anything.

When the options are countless, you may want someone to guide you to pick the best 24 inch printer. Why not let us be that someone?

We have selected a few options here that have an ideal balance of quality and speed. Plus, each has a unique trait that makes one different from the other.

Best 24 Inch Printer

Comparison Chart For Top 5 24 inch Printers

HP DesignJet T21045NoBudget-friendly
Canon imagePROGRAF TA-2032NoOrganized and consistent output
Epson SureColor T3170x34NoLow ink use for more output
Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-210032YesHigh color accuracy
HP DesignJet T65026YesSpeed

How Wide Is Printer?

Wide-format printers tend to commonly have a width of 24 inches, 36 inches, 44 inches, and 60 inches. These are the types you can use at home or stumble onto in printing cafés. They occupy very little space and thus, can fit onto your work desks or office corners. Many of them even include their CAD bond rolls that are cut with mechanical cutters according to the size of your prints.

On the other hand, some large format printers – specially named grand format printers – come with widths around 16 feet long. Such printers mostly require customized rooms for storage as they are immensely big and exceptional. You will only be able to find these unique printing devices at stores or businesses since they are too expensive for home-usage.

Benefits of 24 Inch Wide Format Printer

Having your own 24 inch wide format printer will bring several advantages to your door. It will widen the range of your printed output, for starters, since many new things can be etched out with its assistance. Stickers for your walls, posters of your favorite bands, banners for celebrations, maps for trekking, etc., can all be printed out at home.

Printing using their large format printer also improves people’s speed and efficiency. As one does not need to send their work to printing labs in order to receive hard copies, time is saved. In addition, printing fees are cut down and so is the associated cost of transport.

In addition, printing from labs will require an extra fee for getting rushed work done. The work will be at your door one to two days after being ordered. This problem can be eliminated when a home-wide format printer comes into the picture. All users can immediately achieve results without having to wait for prints for days or even weeks. This improves flexibility by a great deal, as you can finish work at the last minute and still get hard copies.

Lastly, people can gain access to more materials while printing at home. Instead of having vendors decide on quality and material according to their wishes, you can check out the paper types that you wish to explore. Ink cartridges of different brands can also be used to receive outputs on varying finishes, letting you check out various works. Overall, the scope of experimenting is open, letting people make reprints and edits without stress.

Popular Uses of 24-Inch Large Format Printer

While many people are not properly acquainted with the large format or wide format printing, it is pretty popular in many fields. Here are some of its uses that make it a loved printing device:


As 24-inch wide-format printers can print out big pages, they are often used to get hard copies of banners. So, they are always the ideal printer to choose when needing large banners. Advertising companies can produce eye-catching posters which hold images, logos, and texts. Similarly, stores can display their offers or collections to passersby. In addition to this, many individuals might also publish their banners, which help spread awareness or thoughts about a specific topic.

Blue Prints:

Buildings, sites, or roads will often have blueprints that assist the engineers in recognizing all of the details. These need to be printed out on large sheets to properly visible all the lines and strokes to the naked eye. So, most architects end up printing them with the assistance of 24 inch plotter printers.


A lot of events or places will require backdrops that let you emphasize a theme or build a better ambiance. These backdrops are meant to be temporary walls, causing them to be pretty big. So, to print them out properly, you will need a 24 inch wide printer. These will get the task done quickly, allowing you to enjoy a better environment.


Maps are intended to display every detail about a location. Little signs or drawings are displayed to assist viewers in navigating the roads and finding destinations. However, as maps consist of a bunch of information, having them etched on a small paper will make them hard to read. Instead, 24 x 36 printers are utilized to get an easily visible version that serves its purpose properly.


These days, many interior designers will choose to use wallpaper instead of paint to decrease the burden of their tasks. As a result, they can get some of the most amazing prints without having to paint everything by hand. Wallpapers are hence, frequently printed out with 24 inch large format printers on vinyl or other media. These papers have adhesive backings and can be effortlessly pasted onto the wall after printing.

Wall or Glass Decals:

Many stores, cafés, or buildings will have humongous glass windows requiring décor to increase appeal. Removable vinyl decals are the only way to go forward, as they will let you ornate the glass without having to deal with spots or scratches upon removal. These decals need to be pretty big; 24-inch wide printers are commonly used to manufacture them.

Do I Need to Check Terms and Conditions When Buying a 24-inch Printer?

Yes, you should always check the terms and conditions of your 24-inch printer before ticking the ‘I Agree’ box. This is because ‘Terms and Conditions’ add up to pretty much form a virtual, legally binding contract between the website owner and you. Thoroughly going through and understanding every constraint before signing will hence, assist you in avoiding any fraud or sudden fee payments. In addition, privacy issues are also prevented from arising, making your user experience a more positive one.

In addition to this, the terms and conditions of your 24-inch printer will also state some of the usage rules. Following these will let you access the warranty when needed, whereas not meeting the standards will only result in you having to deal with the product on your own.

Key Considerations Before Choosing A 24 Inch Printer


The rule of resolutions is quite straightforward, the more the level, the more premium the quality. Measured by dpi, higher resolutions provide you with better details of an image.

If you want your prints to have that sharpness and character, then the unit should print at resolutions between 2400 x 1200 dpi and 9600×2400 dpi. That would be the ideal range when it comes to printing on large-format papers.

All of the 5 models we have reviewed here have 2400 x 1200 dpi resolutions which will be great for any beginners.

Ink Cartridges

Most affordable printers have a 4-color ink set that contains cyan, magenta, yellow, and black colors. This can create a full complement of colors to produce beautiful images on A1 papers. It may not be the best for intricate images but you would find it appropriate for basic designs.

If it’s more detailed and intricate, then you need printers with more than 6 ink cartridges. The higher the number of tanks, the more color accuracy you will have. And with this wider color spectrum, the poster images promise to look well-detailed and rich.

For instance, Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-2100 comes with 11 inks and a Chroma Optimizer. This would be an ideal printer to have for technical graphics.

Cartridge Capacity

Pick your 24-inch printer depending on the number of large-format pages you would want to print on. The higher the volume, the more ink a tank should have.

Models having 30 to 80ml would be ideal for lower batches. Some units have cartridges over 100ml that would be great for moderate to higher volume.

Note that, 10ml of ink can yield around 101 A1/D pages. Although this is a rough calculation, you get the idea of how much paper the ink may last.

If you have lots of large-format paper to print, you can consider having Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-2100. Each color comes in 160ml to last around 9,000 pages.


Not an important factor for a smaller batch.

However, if it’s big, then you may want the unit to output as fast as it can. Some models can print a large-format paper in 25 seconds while some in 45 seconds.

If printing images on such a media file, then the printer shouldn’t take more than a minute to do the job. You will get many printers like HP DesignJet T650 that can have 2 pages printed in a minute.

Keep in mind that the speed can vary depending on the image, paper type, and resolution settings.

Multiple Connectivity

Make sure the printer comes with a variety of connectivity options. This way, you can control the printer according to your convenience.

For instance, if the printer is big even without any stand or bin, then you may want to keep it somewhere else rather than occupying the space on your desk. In this situation, a wireless connection would be perfect.

Having the unit connected with a cable isn’t bad if the footprint is small. You would get the facility of smooth printing operation that way.

So, it would be great if the printer lets you connect through WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, as well as USB.


Some printers include a stand, a media bin, and an Auto-feeder where each has a unique function to give you comfort. If you want that comfort, then you can consider Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-2100 although you have to spend some more money for that.

If you’re on a tight budget, then you can check out HP DesignJet T210. This is a reasonable unit that comes with necessary functions without the extras.

5 Best 24 Inch Printers Reviews

1. HP DesignJet T210 | Best Budget Wide Format Printer

With this printer, you would get almost all the features of high-end models at the lowest price. The quality is one of the proofs. It provides 2400 x 1200 dpi resolutions on large-format paper making sure the prints come out clear. There will be 4 ink cartridges where Black comes in 80ml and the other 3 in 29ml. If you’re printing basic designs and pictures, you would get deep pro-looking prints.

Its easy setup would be a big relief for non-tech-savvies. You can make it ready to use in just 10 minutes. Be it WiFi, Ethernet, or USB, you can control the unit easily regardless of connectivity methods.

DesignJet T210 has got a decent speed. With the default setting, it would deliver a large-format print in 45 seconds. For handling low to moderate volume work, you would find the unit perfect.

There will be a roller for manual feeding. Note that the roller may easily cause a jamming issue, so it would be more appropriate if you load it with 150-feet long papers rather than 300-feet to avoid that. The auto-cutter does a nice job by separating the printed sheet after it’s done.

This version doesn’t have an Auto-Sheet feeder to give you the privilege of multiple printing. But if you add a few bucks, you can get one included with the printer.


  • Sharp and professional-looking printouts.
  • Speed rate is decent for low to medium volume.
  • Setup process is super simple.
  • Budget-friendly for beginners.
  • Easy to use.


  • Roller may easily cause jamming problems.

2. Canon imagePROGRAF TA-20 | Best Large Format Photo Printer

TA-20 has more tank capacity than the previous one. It includes 5-color cartridges where each contains 55ml pigment ink to last around 280 A1/D pages. Printing at 2400 x 1200 dpi, you get images where each color is refined and mixed perfectly on large-format paper.

There is a setup guide that makes the whole process easy. It should take around 20 minutes to connect the unit wirelessly to your computer. And once it’s ready, controlling the printer would be a piece of cake.

No matter which media file you insert, single sheet or roll sheet, the suction fan will hold the paper inside the platen unit. As it starts printing, the air feeding system of this printer would help keep the paper flat. This is a very convenient feature to get you a consistent result.

It has a great speed rate for a moderate to high volume of papers. The printer would churn out a plain A1 page in around 32 seconds. Of course, the speed varies in the media file type and resolution setting. But, it’s comparatively quicker than the other imagePROGRAF predecessors.

The printer tends to clog easily so you wouldn’t find it great for occasional use. On top of that, you cannot remove the head to clean it. Instead, there are 3 cleaning modes in the printer setting’s maintenance tab that you can choose depending on the problem. If it’s not severe, we would suggest you opt for ‘Cleaning’ mode as it uses lesser ink than the other two.


  • Keeps the paper flat thanks to the air feeding system.
  • Prints look premium on paper.
  • Pretty quicker than its predecessors.
  • Setup process is easy.
  • Very user-friendly.


  • Print head can clog.

3. Epson SureColor T3170x | Best Large Format Printer For Architects

An ideal printer to have for a big batch. SureColor T3170x comes with an Auto-sheet feeder that lets you print multiple pages as big as 11×17 inches. There’s a roller that can hold a good amount of paper measuring around 100 to 132 feet long and 24 inches wide.

The unit mainly prints at 2400 x 1200 dpi resolutions and makes sure the images are vivid and clear no matter how technical they are. Another reason to have such quality is its 4-color ink system.

Speaking of which, you get to produce a substantial number of posters from the bottles that come with the unit. There will be 2 sets of 140ml bottles i.e. 1,120ml inks in total to last at least 5,000 A1/D pages.

The printer does the work pretty quickly. It would take around 34 seconds to print a 24-inch page. This can be a perfect printer to have for moderate to high volume work.

You may find the setup process time-consuming although it’s easy. If you follow the instructions properly, you can connect the unit to your device in just 35 to 45 minutes. Because the printer is user-friendly, any newbie can consider having it.


  • Comes with an Auto-feeder for multiple printing.
  • Includes 2 sets of 140ml bottles.
  • Quick speed rate for moderate to high volume of papers.
  • Prints look clear and vibrant.
  • Easy to use remotely.


  • Time-consuming setup process.

4. Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-2100 | Best A1 Printer

This Canon model ensures higher quality printing that makes it one of the finest A1 printers for professional photographers especially. It comes with 11-color inks and a Chroma Optimizer that work to provide you with correct color placement and better black density.

With 2400 x 1200 dpi resolutions, you can have striking images even if they are intricate. A big plus is that each color comes in 160ml which means the starter tanks would last around 9,000 A1 pages.

The printer includes a paper catcher and a stand so you get more convenience. As it’s going to be quite big, we would suggest you select a permanent spot before bringing it home or at work.

This can be a very user-friendly printer to have. Not just that, you can quickly set it up on your computer in less than half an hour.

As for the speed, it’s pretty fast. You can have plain A1/D paper printed in just 32 seconds. If it’s thick and heavy-coated media file, you can print the poster in more or less 58 seconds!

The only problem with the printer is that the stand casters are plastic which feels cheap. It would be better if you replace them with solid urethane casters so that they don’t break easily.


  • Prints look beautiful and true-to-color.
  • Includes a stand and a paper catcher.
  • Speed rate is pretty fast.
  • Higher ink tank capacity with 1,920ml.
  • Simple setup process.


  • Casters on the stand may not last long.

5. HP DesignJet T650 | Best 24 inch Photo Printer

Got a lot of posters to print? Then DesignJet T650 would be an ideal pick for a high volume of papers. It happens to output 24-inch wide paper as fast as 26 seconds without losing quality.

The printer has resolutions at 2400 x 1200 dpi, meaning you get crisp prints on large-format paper. There will be 4-color ink cartridges with the black coming in 80ml and the rest in 29ml. It’s enough to last a lot of pages while ensuring beautiful images on the poster. A noticeable feature is its Thermal Inkjet technology which makes the printer use 95% less ink than its other counterparts. So, you can have more production of posters with the starter ink.

Connecting T650 to your device would be very easy. It has lots of apps such as HP Click, HP Smart, and HP Print Preview that make it handier to control the printer remotely. However, assembling the unit may take time since it’s tricky to get the print head to align. But you would get it after a few attempts.

The printer comes with a media bin and a stand that makes it a complete package at a reasonable price. Not just that, the unit includes an Auto-feeder as well so you get to have multiple copies conveniently.


  • Outputs 2 papers in a minute.
  • The print quality is great.
  • Comes with a media bin, stand, and Auto-feeder.
  • Setup process is simple.
  • Easy to use.


  • Print head alignment is slightly tricky.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Printers Can Print Large Paper?

A plotter is one of the kinds of printers that can print large paper. It has a roller to support a maximum width between 18 inches to 100 inches. The length and diameter can vary in models.

In case you’re looking for one, then Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-2100 would be a great model to print large-format papers. It can fit a 170mm diameter roll of paper with having 24-inch width.

2. Which Epson Printer Prints The Largest Size?

Epson SureColor F10070H is a printer that can print the largest size. You can use up to 76-inch wide paper in this model. It has 6 print heads that work at a speed rate of 2,635 square feet per hour. Not just that, the printer comes with 6-color tanks where each containing 20L of inks.

3. What Printer Do Professional Photographers Use?

Professional photographers use printers that have features matching the requirement of their clicks. The features include higher printing resolutions, higher number of inks, smaller droplet size. These factors ensure well-detailed images and more precise coloration even on large-format papers.

In case you want one, then we would suggest this model by Canon. It prints at 2400 x 1200 dpi resolutions with 12-color inks and droplets as small as 4 picoliters. This combination provides you with deep, colorful, and sharp images after you print them. Not just that, the unit does the job pretty fast!

4. Which Printer Can Print A2 Size?

You will find many large-format plotter printers that can print A2 size. If you want one, then check out this HP model that accommodates roller paper of up to 24 inches in width. The unit ensures high-quality printing at 2400 x 1200 dpi while using 4-color ink cartridges. You can have 2 to 3 A2 papers printed in just a minute that proves how fast it can be.

Not just that, T650 comes with extra parts including a stand, a media bin, and an Auto-feeder so you can use the unit more comfortably.

Final Words

A plotter printer can be an efficient tool if you are working on big-sized sheets and papers. Hence, focusing on the features of the unit becomes more important. Not all the models would provide you with the performance just like it advertises.

To avoid that, we suggest you write down your requirements first and then buy one. This way, you can easily get yourself the best 24 inch printer