Best A3 Printer for Office Use 2022

We all have heard about A4 papers, but only a few are acquainted with A3. Why?

Simply because it has large dimensions that make it inappropriate for regular work instead, the 11.7 x 16.5 inches rectangular pages can be utilized in certain professional fields to successfully carry out wide-format printing tasks. Architectures get to make well-defined hardcopies of their sketches or blueprints, while publishing companies can construct brochures out of them. These days, A3 is also exceptionally popular in the graphic arts industry!

Do you engage in any such professions?

If yes, you must be looking for the best A3 printer for office use. Allow us to introduce you to our top picks!

Best A3 Printer for Office Use

Comparison Chart For Top 5 A3 Printer for Office Use

Canon PIXMA Pro – 200 Wireless Color Photo Printer8 x 10 inches: 53 seconds,
11 x 14 inches: 1 min 30 sec
4800 x 2400 dpiInput Tray 1: 100 sheets,
Input Tray:
1 sheet
Epson EcoTank ET-4760 All-in-One Cartridge-free Supertank Printer15 ppm (Black)
8.0 ppm (Color)
4800 x 1200 optimized dpi250 sheets
Epson Work Force WF – 7210 Wireless Wide-Format Color Inkjet Printer18 ISO ppm (Black),
10 ISO ppm
4800 x 2400 dpiInput Tray:
500 sheets,
Output Tray: 125 sheets
Xerox VersaLink C700/ DN Color Printer35 ppm (Black)
35 ppm (Color)
1200 x 2400 dpiStandard: 520 sheets
Max: 2,080 sheets
Canon image PROGRAF PRO – 300 Wireless Color Wide-Format PrinterColor: approx.
4 min 15 sec,
Black: approx.
2 min 30 sec
4800 x 2400 dpi50 sheets

Key Considerations Before Choosing An A3 Printer For Office Use

Printers are undoubtedly costly office equipment, so spending on one will definitely leave a hole in your pocket. Hence, getting all the right features during the first buy will assist you in saving money. Here are some features that you should look out for while purchasing the best A3 printer for office use:

Printing Speed

Offices are rowdy spots that manage to always hold a sense of rush for getting work done. Hence, the printing speed stands out as a feature that everyone looks forward to. A high printing speed can increase efficiency and productivity, while a low one will only bring frustration.

If you intend to purchase a printer that will serve the needs of 10 to 30 people, a speed of 10 to 18 ppm will save you from creating noisy commotions in the printing room. On the other hand, a workplace that houses 40 to 50 people should go for something similar to the Xerox VersaLink C700/ DN Color Printer. With an outstandingly fast speed of 35 ppm, it makes sure no one has to wait in line to get their hard copies.

Printing Resolution

As we mentioned before, A3 prints are usually made by architectural firms, graphics designing industries, or brochure publishing places. What all these places require in common is a superior quality print. For example, architects need to be able to clearly see every inch of their designs to work, while digital art pieces and brochures need to consist of sharp and vibrant prints to please viewers. So, before purchasing a wide-format printer for yourself, do take a second to check out its printing resolution!

4800 x 1200 dots per inch is an ideal resolution that will make sure your prints look similar to what you saw on screen. This is what you should go for while printing out photos. A printer that should mainly print out sketches, texts, or designs, on the other hand, will function well with 1200 x 2400 dpi resolution.


Any convenience provided by the printer will positively impact the work produced by all employees. Therefore, features like wireless connectivity are bound to be gravely appreciated. People can sit in their cubicles and assign tasks to their printer, which will swiftly get it done by the time they wrap up other activities.

However, keep in mind that certain workspaces are out of good Wi-Fi range. If you are in one of these places, you should consider choosing a printer that also functions using wired connectivity. That way, tasks can be accomplished at a good pace and without any interruptions.

Cost per Page

Laser printers utilize ink toners to print out hard copies. Although these are rather expensive, they can be used to provide sharp prints for at least six months, if not more. On the other hand, ink cartridges used by inkjet printers are relatively cheaper but require to be swapped out every month. This means that the cost per page for printouts made by a laser printer is lower than that of an inkjet printer. 

So, if your office is going to make black and white prints, then do look into laser printers to notch down the running expense. Nevertheless, if color prints are necessary, check out the inkjet printers like Epson EcoTank ET-4760, which operate using an efficient ink management system.


Dye and pigment inks are two types of ink that you will frequently come across when in need of making prints on A3 paper. Which is better?

Depends on your situation.

Dye inks are known for providing flamboyant output due to their excellent quality. However, this allows them to be commonly used for making photo prints or other places where the look of your printouts is extremely important. Nonetheless, remember that they are quick to get damaged upon contact with liquid and age. This makes them ideal for making brochures and other similar goods where quality is important, but the prints need not be stored.

Pigment ink, in contrast, does not offer vibrancy but manages to attract attention due to its longevity. In addition, prints can be stored for eons, making them ideal for drawing out hard copies of architectural designs.

5 Best A3 Printer For Office Use Reviews

1. Canon PIXMA Pro – 200 Wireless Color Photo Printer

When in search of quality, the Canon Pixma Pro – 200, in my opinion, is one of the most ideal options to turn to. Users are presented with an exceptionally high resolution that manages to diligently preserve your images’ quality. In addition, a good printing speed gets all your office work done within all the deadlines.

Unlike the usual 4 ink system, this printer uses an innovative 8 ink cartridges which are all dye-based. However, do not worry as the 8-color system does not add to your expenses. In fact, it manages to give a surprisingly low cost per page – an offer that you should not hesitate to grab! Moreover, all of this comes with vibrancy etched in every corner of the page making the printer ideal for functioning as a photo printer. Digital art industries should, therefore, keep a lookout for it.

As it is on the list, you could have guessed that it is capable of making A3 prints. However, did you know that borderless A3 hard copies can be made too?

This means that A3 banners, brochures, or artworks can be easily printed out. Extremely sharp grayscale architectural prints can also be made. A lot of connectivity options like Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet are also offered for smooth task handling.


  • Automatic nozzle clog detection prevents jams from occurring.
  • Energy efficiency helps in minimizing the electricity bill.
  • A control panel allows users to make commands effortlessly.


  • It is a single-function printer.

2. Epson EcoTank ET – 4760 All-in-One Cartridge-free Supertank Printer

Are you looking for a printer that cuts down your office printing expenses?

If yes, the Epson EcoTank ET – 4760 is definitely going to be the perfect pick for you! The device runs on a cartridge-free printing system that utilizes ink bottles instead to provide output. These bottles formulate a well-organized force that is able to make prints on 7500 sheets without running out. To add a cherry on top, the ink costs about 10% of the price of individual ink cartridges. As a result, running costs face a major decline, making the printer ideal for large-scale tasks.

As opposed to the single functionCanon Pixma Pro – 200, this printing device is competent enough to serve your copying, scanning, and faxing needs. Assistance will be provided in all office tasks with a brilliant resolution tagging along to ensure quality. In terms of speed, it is a lot faster than the aforementioned printer so expect everything to be done within the click of your fingers!

When it comes to A3 printing, the Epson EcoTank ET – 4760 has well-detailed output to offer. Duplex prints can also be made, causing printing costs and paper wastage to be reduced. You can also get prints without any border, meaning artworks or brochures could be published.


  • A compact body can be easily placed in small offices.
  • The cost per page is very low.
  • A wide range of options is available regarding connectivity.


  • The initial cost of the printer is too high.

3. Epson Work Force WF – 7210 Wireless Wide-Format Color Inkjet Printer

The Epson Work Force WF – 7210 stands out as a glowing choice for busy offices with an even higher printing speed. When you pair it with the Epson Genuine Cartridges, do prepare yourself to be presented with superior quality and durable borderless A3 prints!

While using this wide-format printer, what left me especially stunned was the output which looks similar to that of a laser printer’s. However, upon fishing out further statistics, I was surprised to find that it only burns 20% of the energy absorbed by laser printers. So, isn’t it one of the most economical solutions?!

The Epson Work Force WF – 7210 offers itscustomers with a lot of friendly features too. After a toilsome day at work, you will be able to send commands from your seat using its wireless connectivity. As the input tray has a high capacity, the printing device will automatically roll one sheet in from there using its ADF. Up next, the output tray will keep the hard copy safe until you need to get your hands on the printed document.

Flexibility is another handy factor that receives praise from customers. A smartphone/tablet app is present that lets you print from several devices. Assigning tasks is also rather simple due to the command buttons and 2.2 inch LCD touchscreen.


  • Can print on papers as big as 13 x 19 inches.
  • Near-Field-Communication is supported.
  • Input and output trays can hold lots of paper.


  • The cost per page is pretty high in comparison to other options.

Xerox machines are common American office equipment, thanks to their amazing performance. The Xerox VersaLink C700/ DN Color printer is no different as it promises to provide all that we can ask for from an office A3 printer.

All papers are rolled in an instant without building up any tension of jams due to the small number of moving parts. It also manages to carry the highest speed on the entire list – 35 ppm – showing that bucketloads of documents can be printed within a short span of time. Hence, big offices should consider purchasing it to keep work from lining up.

While operating, the XeroxVersaLink C700/ DN Color printer creates absolutely no noise. It is, therefore, unlikely to create distractions amongst busy office workers. A benchmark security system also keeps all work documents fully shielded from anyone with malicious intent or viruses. This is an extremely crucial feature as offices are full of confidential documents and designs that are prone to threats.

Other than the speed, this printer also manages to grab the number one spot when it comes to paper capacity. You can pile up the tray with 2,080 A3 sheets, so the hassles of refilling are removed from your printing equation.


  • The touchscreen makes inputting commands straightforward.
  • Duplex A3 prints can be made to save pages.
  • Several connectivity options are provided.


  • The printer is heavy and takes up a lot of office space.

5. Canon image PROGRAF PRO – 300 Wireless Color Wide-Format Printer

Last but not the least, we have the Canon image PROGRAF PRO – 300, which is yet another favorite pick of mine. It comes with several unique features that deserve a big round of applause. Unlike any others on the list, the printer holds a nozzle recovery system that works hard to prevent clogs and jams from occurring. Maintenance cost is reduced, in turn, saving you a lot of money.

Besides the high printing resolution, a 9 – color ink system is dedicated to making vibrant and crisp output that draws everyone’s attention. You can hence, use it to print out A3 brochures, digital artworks, or architectural sketches and receive the desired look. As the ink is a low-cost item, you do not have to stress out about any added expenses. A skew correction system is also present, which looks after the alignment of your A3 sheets and makes sure no office time is wasted in making reprints.

Office printing works require to be hindrance-free to maintain a steady workflow. The Canon image PROGRAF PRO – 300 ensures that its ink detection functionality is present on its3 inch LCD screen.


  • Two black ink cartridges help in providing outstanding grayscale prints.
  • The cost per page is pretty low.
  • Leave a very small carbon footprint.


  • The initial cost of a printer can be pretty high.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best A3 Printer For Home Office?

Home offices do not require printers that function using a high speed. This is because it usually consists of one or two people working meaning that rush is automatically decreased. Therefore, the Canon PIXMA Pro – 200 Wireless Color Photo Printer is a choice you can look into. Its resolution will present you with commendable quality and the wireless connectivity will let you carry out tasks from any corner of your home.

Which Printer Is Best For Office Use?

The Xerox VersaLink C700/ DN Color Printer is a flawless pick for office use as it manages to cater to all workplace necessities. All thanks to its 35 ppm speed, it can effortlessly toggle the rush of all employees and carry out large-scale printing tasks. The laser printing technology brings in the advantage of quietness that prevents it from disrupting the calm office settings. In addition, an acceptable printing resolution helps in successfully achieving the output. Employees are also presented with the benefit of working from the comfort of their seats due to the wireless connectivity and outstandingly high paper capacity.

Do A3 Printers Also Print A4?

Yes, all A3 printers are capable of making prints on A4 sheets. This is because A4 sheets have a dimension that is only a few inches smaller than that of A3 sheets. Therefore, all A3 printers can easily roll in such pages and create your needed prints. Nonetheless, not all A4 printers are capable of printing on A3 sheets. Many printers cannot support wide-format printing and so cannot pull in pages with big dimensions like 11.7 x 16.5 inches.

What Is Duplex A3 Printing?

When a machineis able to make prints on both sides of an A3 paper, it is known as a duplex A3 printer. Such printing devices are extremely useful for office use as they can halve the number of pages used per month. This, in turn, causes a grave decrease in the office’s paper expenses. Furthermore, as the load of data is lessened, employees can also keep their workspace neat and increase their productivity.

What Is The Difference Between A3 And A4 Printing?

A4 printing is more common than A3 printing since letter-sized papers are commonly used in all professions. In addition, nearly all printers are equipped with technology to make etches upon them, so you won’t have trouble getting your hard copies on A4 paper.

A3 printing, in contrast, is a lot rarer as the size (11.7 x 16.5 inches) of the paper is rather irregular. Moreover, most printers have a hard time rolling such pages in, so only printers that are designed to carry out wide-format tasks can print upon them.


Have you found the best A3 printer for office use? If yes, which one was your pick?

We have tried our best to introduce you to an A3 printer that is the perfect fit for your workplace through this article. Honest reviews along with pros and cons have been provided to create a brief image of each product. For further assistance, a buying guide has also been scribbled out in order to open your eyes to all the essential features. Hopefully, we were successful in making your shopping trip more organized.

Have a fun time printing on those big A3 sheets!