Best Borderless Printer 2022

Thinking of going borderless?

Then you might need the right kind of machine to do that work for you.

Having such a function is like a big boon. You won’t need to trim any white margins. Rather, the printer will utilize all the edges to print out your images.

Starting from photos to billboards, banners, brochures, and whatnots, you can create anything out of it!

Anyway, if you want performance, you must know the factors that enable a unit to deliver that. Two of them include higher resolutions and a decent speed. Once you have these two checked, it means you found yourself the Best Borderless Printer.

To make your hunt easier, we have selected a couple of options that crossed all the borders to reach the top list.

Best Borderless Printer

Comparison Chart For Top 5 Borderless Printers

Canon Pixma Pro-1004800 x 24003413×19
HP OfficeJet Pro 80254800 x 1200508.5×11
Canon Pixma TS33204800 x 1200655×7
Epson EcoTank ET-27605760 x 1440894×6
Canon PIXMA G60204800 x 1200Medium8.5×11

Borderless Printer Buying Guide


You get the idea of quality from the resolutions of a unit. It can range from 600 x 1200 dpi to 9600 x 2400 dpi or more. You just need to take a note of the paper size.

The standard figure would begin at 4800 x 1200 dpi where you can have a high-quality image on 13×19-inch paper. Note that, the higher the level, the finer each of the details.

If you want a unit having higher resolutions, then Canon Pixma Pro-100 or Epson EcoTank ET-2760 would be great options. Both of them tend to offer crisp-looking images even if they are intricate.

Ink Color

Also plays a significant role in printing quality. You can get premium borderless printing from a 4-color ink set. Having a combination of just cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, it’s enough to get a wide spectrum of colors and make the images bright and vivid.

If you want more saturation, then look for printers that use more colors. It can be from 5 to 12 colors including a Chroma Optimizer. The more the number of colors, the more the color accuracy and the deeper the image. Not only the image will be well-detailed but natural as well.

Printers like Canon Pixma Pro-100 would be a great option in this case. It comes with an 8-color ink system and provides bold and beautiful images.

Cartridge Capacity

Borderless printing mainly yields a lower amount of photo papers than standard printing with borders. So, it would be better if your printer comes with a decent amount of ink in the tank.

Let’s say, a unit has a 4-color set where each contains 10ml ink. It may produce up to 140 borderless photos on 4Rs. However, this is an approximate figure and can vary according to the printer model, tank capacity, number of colors, paper size, and details of an image.

The approximate page yield in the reviews here reflects the number of 4×6-inch photo papers produced.

Different models have different cartridge systems. Many have a tank for each color while some use one for black and one having tri-color or hybrid. No matter which model you pick, it should have moderate cartridge capacity.

If you have a lot of images to print, Canon PIXMA G6020 would be suitable for you. It has a set of huge tanks offering higher production.


When you’re going borderless, it would be a lot slower than document, mono, and color printing with borders. That said, the unit shouldn’t take forever for an image to print. 

To get the speed rating, check how long it takes to do borderless on 4×6. This way, you can pick according to your requirements. Note that, the speed may vary based on a unit model, speed settings, paper size, and image contents.

If the batch is big, you may need something that acts quickly. Models that output a photo in less than 55 seconds are considered fast.

For example, Canon Pixma Pro-100 tends to churn out a borderless image in just 34 seconds.

If you aren’t in a hurry or the volume is lower, then having a slower machine isn’t bad as long as you’re getting quality. 

5 Best Borderless Printers Reviews

1. Canon Pixma Pro-100

Want some beautiful borderless photos out of the machine? Then Canon Pixma Pro-100 can be something apt. It has an 8-color tank set that mixes and works to give life to the image. You would find it quite saturated. And printing at 4800 x 2400 dpi, you get sharp yet smooth edges.

There would be ink 13ml each that’s sufficient to produce up to 292 borderless photos with ease. If you have to print more, then Canon offers a bundle that you can have. It includes an extra ink set with the unit.

A big plus is that the printer does borderless printing super quickly. It delivers a high-quality photo in just 34 seconds. This speed rate makes it ideal for a big batch of photo papers.

Speaking of which, the printer gives you 2 options to use them. The auto-feeder has space for 20 sheets of photo paper while the manual feed can take one. Because it would be quick, the capacity is decent for the job.

Pro-100 supports borderless of up to 13×19 inches which would be great for large-scale designs. You can use it for posters and banners too.

It’s very user-friendly. But assembling the unit may take time as well as setting it up on your computer. Even some of the tech-savvies may struggle so it would be better to read the manual carefully. You can also contact the support specialist if you find the instructions unintuitive.


  • Prints are sharp and saturated.
  • It does the job very quickly.
  • Supports borderless up to 13×19-inch paper.
  • Tray holds a good amount of photo papers.
  • Very easy to use.


  • Time-consuming setup process.

2. HP OfficeJet Pro 8025

You don’t have to worry about the heavy usage with Pro 8025. Because HP offers a program during the setup process that makes you have the free ink delivered to your home for 2 months (if enabled). So, having a moderate amount of ink in the tank is a bonus.

It certainly provides premium printing at resolutions up to 4800 x 1200 dpi. The images would be clear and soothing to your eyes. Plus, it comes with a set of 4 colors making the images pigmented and bright.

This can be a great printer for moderate to high volume as it doesn’t take much time. Just give it 50-ish seconds, you would get the borderless image on the photo paper.

A big plus is its high tray capacity. You can load the unit with around 60 photo papers. It would also let you print borderless up to 8.5×11 inches which can be great for half-fold brochures especially.

Being an All-In-One, you can scan the image from hard copies to print one or multiple. Each scanning would take around a second or two, so you don’t have to wait at all.

Setting up the unit and using it would be easy. However, the annoying part is that sometimes when printing an image, it can run self-maintenance cycle at first and then proceed to output the photo. This may last 5-7 minutes. Although the cycle delays work, it helps in extending printer life. So, better you aren’t in a hurry!


  • Provides vibrant and sharp printing.
  • Handles a big bunch of photo papers.
  • Speed is great for moderate to high volume.
  • Supports borderless up to 8.5×11.
  • Includes scanning and copying.


  • Self-maintenance cycle can delay work.

3. Canon Pixma TS3320

This is a very nice and compact printer you can have for the desk. Not only does it have a smaller footprint to save space but it’s light to hold as well.

TS3320 has resolutions up to 4800 x 1200 dpi. Even if you use 8.5×11, the prints would be clear without any signs of pixels, although it won’t be borderless. There’s a 2-cartridge ink system where one is black and the other is hybrid. And the inks mix all the colors well enough to make the images rich.

Its tray is quite spacious to let you place around 20 photo papers. When it comes to borderless printing, you can use 5×7 inches at max. There will be a good amount of space to hold around 10 5Rs. This can be an ideal printer particularly for small businesses that involve making greeting cards and flyers.

The printer takes around 65 seconds to print the borderless. You may find it slightly slow but it’s passable for low to moderate volume.

Its setup process would be simple. However, we would suggest you follow the instructions to avoid getting lost.

A small gripe with the printer is that the included cartridge contains a low amount of ink. It may produce around 15 photos only. So, it would be better to purchase replacement inks that would yield around 80 printed photo papers for you.


  • Premium quality photo printing.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Speed is good enough for low to moderate work.
  • Tray holds around 20 4Rs with ease.
  • Borderless up to 5×7-inch photo papers.


  • Low-capacity ink cartridge.

4. Epson EcoTank ET-2760

Thinking of an economical printer? Then take a look at ET-2760. The printer offers a good amount of starter cartridges. And even if it runs out of ink, you get 4 bottles of each color with the unit. The black comes in 127ml while the other 3 in 70ml, meaning you can produce around 1200 borderless photos with it.

A big plus is that the printer has maximum resolutions of up to 5760 x 1440 dpi. The prints would be of high quality as well as clear-cut no matter how technical or intricate the graphics are.

Speaking of borderless, it would support up to 4×6 inches. So, you can use it for any DIY cards, collages, frames, and whatnots. The tray would hold around 20 of them with ease.

It has scanning and copying functions that make it more versatile. You can even create more borderless photos by scanning them from the hard copies.

The printer has a straightforward setup process. It would take around 5 to 10 minutes to connect it to your printer be it with or without the cable.

A tiny weak link is that the unit prints borderless pretty slowly. You would need at least 89 seconds or 1 and a half minutes to get a single photo out of it. So, it would be better either for a small project or personal stuff. In case you’re looking for a faster model, Pixma Pro-100 can be a good option.


  • Includes 4 bottles for more productions.
  • Provides rich and clear printouts.
  • Comes with scanning and copying functions.
  • Holds around 20 4Rs with ease.
  • Straightforward setup process.


  • Slightly slower than other counterparts.

5. Canon PIXMA G6020

Canon calls this model a Mega-tank inkjet printer and there’s a reason. You get this giant cartridge having around 135ml black and 72ml ink each of cyan, yellow, and magenta. From such a high-yield tank, you can get around 1260 pages printed without borders. The 4-color ink system ensures vibrancy while printing at 4800 x 1200 dpi resolutions provides the image with sharpness.

The printer does the work pretty fast. So it would be apt for moderate to a big batch. If you’re printing borderless, it would do the work in just around 45 seconds for a single photo.

Because it’s an all-in-one model, you would get to enjoy scanning and copying functions. You can make more copies right through the flatbed.

Just like most Canon models, its tray has space for a certain amount of photo papers. You can place up to 20 4Rs there which is quite sufficient. As for the photo paper size for borderless printing, it would support up to 8.5×11 inches.

Using the printer would be easy especially if you’re controlling it from computer or mobile device. You may hate the control panel because it’s very dark, not backlit, and small to understand the details.


  • Delivers bright and non-pixelated images.
  • It does the printing quite fast.
  • Comes with high-capacity tray.
  • Scanning and copying functions.
  • Borderless up to 8.5×11 inches.


  • Control panel isn’t user-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Borderless Printing Good?

If you look at the positive sides, then borderless printing is definitely good. It frees you from the efforts of border trimming. Plus, you can easily frame photos or create scrapbooks, banners, billboards, or posters.

2. Can My Printer Print Borderless?

It depends on the model you have. You can check it from the printing option of your printer. Another way is to go to the print properties from the control panel or settings of your computer. It must have a borderless option if it supports that function.

3. How Do I Know If My Printer Supports Borderless Printing?

There are 2 ways to check that. One from the printer and one from your computer. Let’s explain the latter.

  • Step 1

Click on ‘Menu’ and then select ‘Control Panel’. Go to ‘Devices’ and then ‘Printers & Scanners’. Select the name of your printer and click on Manage. There, select ‘Printing Preferences’ from the options.

  • Step 2

A box would open for the specific printing model. From the ‘Main’ menu, select ‘Paper Sizes’, ‘Media type’, ‘Paper source’, or ‘Page size’. If you scroll down a bit, you may see the borderless options right under ‘Paper Settings’.

If it’s there, it means your printer supports borderless printing.

4. Which HP Printers Have Borderless Printing?

Many HP printers have borderless printing. Models like Pro 8025 are good at such works. This unit prints at 4800 x 1200 dpi resolutions and delivers high-quality images without borders. You would also find them vivid thanks to 4-color ink system.

The printer outputs a 4R in just 50-ish seconds. So, it would be ideal for moderate to big piles. You can go borderless as big as 8.5×11 which can be great for creating postures or brochures.

Not just that, the printer has capacity of holding around 60 photo papers. It’s quite higher than many of its counterparts.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get top-notch borderless printing, make sure to use proprietary inks.

This way, the unit would smoothly print on your photo paper while ensuring quality. It will be slightly pricier but you get to protect your printer as well as get beautiful images out of it.

Hope the reviews end your hunt and you can pick the best borderless printer from here.