Best Eco Solvent Printer 2022

Did you know that using solvent ink leaves toxic wastes in the environment?

Yes, you heard that right! Solvent ink, which is commonly used in inkjet printers, consists of carcinogenic chemicals toluene and cyclohexane. These release fumes that can cause severe medical conditions like emphysema and bronchitis. Besides that, when the cartridge is discarded, the chemicals mix with the soil and cause harm to the surrounding.

Instead, one can use eco-solvent ink – an option that is way more eco-friendly. They will provide you with richer and more stunning quality. Look into our list of best eco-solvent printers that leave a very small carbon footprint!

List Of Eco Solvent Printer

  1. Epson WorkForce ET – 3750 All-in-One Supertank Printer
  2. Epson EcoTank ET – 4760 Wireless All-in-One Printer
  3. Epson EcoTank ET – 2750 Wireless All-in-One Supertank Printer
  4. Epson EcoTank ET – 2720 Wireless Color All-in-One Supertank Printer
  5. Epson EcoTank ET Series Wireless Color All-in-One Supertank Inkjet Printer
Best Eco Solvent Printer

Comparison Chart Of Top 5 Eco Solvent Printer

IMAGE PRODUCT Resolution Dimensions Speed price
Epson WorkForce ET – 3750 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi 19.8 x 16.4 x 10 inches 15 ppm (Black)
8.0 ppm (Color)
Epson EcoTank ET – 4760 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi 13.7 x 14.8 x 9.1 inches 15 ppm (Black)
8.0 ppm (Color)
Epson EcoTank ET – 2750 Wireless All-in-One Supertank Printer 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi 22.3 x 14.8 x 10.2 inches 10.5 ppm (Black)
5.0 ppm (Color)
Epson EcoTank ET – 2720 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi 13.7 x 14.8 x 8.7 inches 10.5 ppm (Black)
5.0 ppm (Color)
Epson EcoTank ET Series 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi 13.7 x 14.8 x 9.7 inches 10.5 ppm (Black)
5.0 ppm (Color)

Why Should I Switch to Eco-Solvent Printing?

One should consider switching to eco-solvent printing because of all the benefits it brings to the table. To start with, it is non-carcinogenic and biodegradable, which eliminates a lot of toxic mess from the environment. It is also advantageous to your health as no harmful fumes are produced during the printing process.

Other than this, eco-solvent printing also heightens the printing quality. Vibrant colors make your output stand out, while resistance to several factors makes it long-lasting. In addition, water, scratches, and chemicals will cause absolutely no harm to your prints. This makes it suitable for producing outdoor prints like billboards and signs which regularly clash with weather damage.

Another huge plus point is how quickly it dries up once the heat is applied. This decreases the chances of smudging and can be extremely useful for wide-format printing. Eco-solvent ink is also compatible with a huge range of surfaces. PVC, vinyl, plastic, etc., can be printed upon.

Solvent Vs. Eco-Solvent print

Both solvent and eco-solvent inks have several advantages and disadvantages. In terms of price, eco-solvent ink is cheap, making it ideal for large-scale printing. On the other hand, solvent ink is more towards the expensive end and runs out quickly, increasing the cost per page.

Due to the extra vibrancy that eco-solvent ink provides, it is perfect for bright pictures. Hence, the graphics and signage industries tend to use it more often than solvent ink. It is also much more resistant to damage and fading, making it more suitable for outdoor use.

Solvent ink holds the advantage of having a quick-drying procedure. One does not have to wait to avoid smudges. This is not the case for eco-solvent ink, which requires heat to dry. As many papers will melt at high temperatures, it is not ideal for all surfaces.

Lastly, eco-solvent ink can be used to print in enclosed rooms, unlike solvent ink. This is because no toxic gasses are released, so there is no threat to one’s bronchus. You can, therefore, use eco-solvent ink in confined offices or publishing houses. It always manages to shine as the greener choice in comparison to solvent ink.

Eco-Solvent Printer Buying Guide

As printers are rather expensive, it is best to make a checklist before purchasing. This way, you will immediately be able to see which printer ticks all your boxes. Here are some things that you need to look for.

1. Power Consumption

A printer that consumes little energy to operate is always the eco-friendlier option. It will also not add much to your electricity bill and decrease the cost per page. Therefore, always check out how many watts of power the printer uses up before making a purchase. Pick the one that uses up less power to decrease your contribution to global warming.

2. Printer Speed

A printer with high printing speed often consumes more power reducing its eco-friendliness. That being said, printers with slow speed can be rather frustrating to work with too. Places like offices or printing presses will understandably require slightly higher printing speeds. They can, therefore, use printers with 15 ppm speed without causing hindrances to workflow or environmental conditions.

Anyone who is purchasing a printer for home or sole use can opt to use printers with 5 to 10 ppm speed. As only one person will be working, the rush is decreased, meaning you can easily switch to this eco-friendly option.

3. Print Resolution

Printing resolution directly affects the print quality. It is also directly proportional to the power consumption since more work needs to be done to place more dots per inch. Therefore, if you wish to use your printer for printing text documents mainly, go for one with a resolution ranging from 600 to 1200 dpi. Such printers will provide crisp texts while being the eco-friendlier choice.

Individuals who regularly print out images, advertisements, brochures, magazines, etc., require a high resolution. These people need to work on making eco-friendly choices related to the paper type, as going for resolutions below 4800 dpi is not an option. For example, recycled paper can be brought instead of regular paper.

4. Single Purpose or Multi-Purpose

A single-purpose printer should be purchased when one does not wish to scan, copy, or fax. Such printers will only use up power to take care of your printing tasks. In contrast, if you are buying a printer for office use, a multi-purpose printer should be considered. As a separate faxing machine, scanner, and copier is eliminated, less power is consumed. Instead, you can decrease energy wastage by using your printer to carry out all the other tasks.

5. Connectivity

These days most printers offer wireless connectivity. One can print from the comfort of their seat while using any device of their choice. Nevertheless, wireless connectivity may come with some problems like interruptions that will require your printer to be on longer. This might increase your power consumption and make the printer less eco-friendly. So, before choosing wireless connectivity, research to see whether the connection is secure or not.

6. Extra Features

Depending on your line of work, look for printing features that will assist you. For example, office users often look for duplex printing features that help in saving resources, time, and money—in addition, printing on both sides of paper halves the number of papers used, causing a major impact on paper wastage.

For convenience’s sake, you should also look into ADF, which makes paper handling a lot less troublesome. Crafters should also invest in printers that can print on varying types and sizes of paper.

5 Best Eco Solvent Printer Reviews

1. Epson WorkForce ET–3750 All-in-One Supertank Printer | Large Format Eco Solvent Printer

Users of the Epson WorkForce ET – 3750 All-in-One Printer cannot help but rave about it. Most have claimed that setting it up is extremely easy. Both wired and wireless connections provide flawless transfer of data, and threats to your file are eliminated.

One can use the printer to scan and copy, making it ideal for office use. A good printing resolution allows it to produce sharp texts while also being ideal for photo printing. Borderless prints can also be made, widening the printer’s capabilities.

Compatibility with eco-solvent ink makes this printer the perfect eco-friendly option you could ask for. Auto two-sided printing also helps you save trees by using half the number of pages.

An auto-document feeder is featured with the intent to assist users. However, it is capable of feeding only 30 pages and instead adds new problems for the user. I have to mention one helpful feature is the ink tank level window. People can easily identify low ink levels and purchase a new set beforehand.


  • Users can make borderless prints of dimensions up to 8.5 x 11 inches.
  • Auto duplex printing feature helps in saving time and money.
  • Ink bottles last as long as 30 cartridges would do while saving you 80%.


  • Auto document feeder tends to get jammed pretty often.

2. Epson EcoTank ET-4760 Wireless All-in-One Printer | Eco-Solvent Desktop Printer

With the ability to print, scan, copy, and fax, the Epson EcoTank ET – 4760 all-in-one printer is perfect for offices. A very good printing speed and high-capacity paper tray makes it especially the perfect fit for offices. The resolution is also commendable, allowing you to make photo prints.

Due to this printer’s ink bottles, one can spend 90% less. Cost per page gravely decreases, so printing out books or a large volume of data is a lot cheaper. Users are also presented with ink bottles during their purchase which will help you print out tons of pages for free.

The Epson EcoTank ET – 4760 All-in-One printer consumes little power. Thus, when paired with eco-solvent ink, you will be doing the Earth a massive favor. In addition, Cartridge-free printing also reduces the amount of toxic waste and plastic that remains left around in the environment.

Power cords are provided with a CD that holds necessary information regarding the setup process. Giving print commands with the 2.4-inch color touchscreen also requires no effort. Users are, therefore, saved from all sorts of stress and guilt.


  • Low-cost ink cartridges decrease the cost per page to about 1 cent.
  • A paper tray with 250 sheet capacity eliminates the need to hand feed.
  • Voice-activated printing combined with wireless connectivity makes tasks effortless.


  • The paper tray has no cover, so print heads collect dust and get jammed.

3. Epson EcoTank ET–2750 Wireless All-in-One Supertank Printer

Although the Epson EcoTank ET – 2750 Supertank Printer is expensive, it does not offer too many amazing features. The speed is acceptable, but low making it an unsuitable choice for office work. However, the printing resolution and SD card readability make it suitable for photographers.

Unlike the other all-in-one printers on the list, this one cannot fax your documents. However, scanning is possible at a decreased resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi, and copies can be made at a very low speed.

A 1.44-inch colored display is present, which gets mixed reviews. Many have claimed that it assists graciously while handling task flow, while others complain about the overly small size. However, what always satisfies the user is the eco-solvent ink compatibility. As a result, costs are gravely lowered, and you can even help out your surroundings by reducing your carbon footprint.

Overall, the auto-duplexing features combined with low maintenance cost make the Epson EcoTank ET – 2750 Supertank Printer a satisfactory choice for home offices. Of course, you might have to spend some money towards the beginning, but the extremely low running cost makes up for it.


  • Compatible with Windows, IOS, and Android, so you can print from all devices.
  • A high printing resolution offers stunning quality output.
  • One can connect an SD card and print directly from it.


  • The printer is big and thus, takes up a lot of space.

4. Epson EcoTank ET–2720 Wireless Color All-in-One Supertank Printer | Small Eco Solvent Printer

Despite having the smallest dimensions in the entire list, this printer manages to bring you lots of features. On an even happier note, you need not pay much to access them either. The Epson EcoTank ET – 2720 Wireless All-in-One printer comes at a very low initial cost. Pairing this budget-friendly printer with equally low-cost ink will help you save money. As a bonus factor, you will also be decreasing the amount of carcinogenic chemicals being left in your environment.

The Epson EcoTank ET – 2720 Wireless Color All-in-One printer has small values to offer in terms of weight and size. In addition, one can easily connect their phones through the strong Wi-Fi Direct connecting feature.

Due to the printer’s high resolution, it is capable of photo printing. Compatibility with a wide range of media also acts as another plus point.

Problems lie with the extremely low paper capacity and lack of ADF. Although you can print wirelessly and through voice commands, you need to stand near it to hand feed the sheets. Besides that, the absence of a duplex printing feature also frustrates a lot of users.


  • It offers tons of features while being extremely affordable.
  • Ink bottles used during printing are inexpensive and last longer.
  • Uses and innovative Micro Piezo Heat Free technology to produce sharp output.


  • Connecting the printer wirelessly takes up a lot of time and effort.

5. Epson EcoTank ET Series Wireless Color All-in-One Supertank Inkjet Printer

The Epson EcoTank ET Series Supertank Printer brings your eco-solvent printing features within its petite dimensions. It runs on inkjet printing technology and provides crisp quality due to its resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi.

Users of this Epson printer can choose to connect to the printer wired or wirelessly. Both provide a secure exchange of data. You can also simply put your SD card in the available slot and print directly from there.

According to users, one of the biggest benefits of this printer is its inexpensiveness. One does not have to pay too much for maintenance or ink. Instead, high yield ink bottles are present, which run 30 times longer than cartridges. They also cost significantly lower, but you can further decrease money wastage by resolving to eco-solvent ink. 

The only complaints you will hear from users are about the lack of ADF, which makes hands-free printing impossible. Some will also groan a little about the printing speed, which can be a little slow compared to other modern-day printers.


  • Interruption-free wired and wireless connection is provided.
  • Small dimensions allow it to fit in small places.
  • High resolution paired with Micro Piezo technology provides superior quality output.


  • Borderless prints of only 4 x 6 inches can be made which limits options.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Most Eco-Friendly Printer?

Although all the printers on our list are eco-friendly, the Epson WorkForce ET – 3750 All-in-One Supertank Printer stands out. A small amount of power is consumed during the printing process, so less energy is wasted. The ink bottles also offer a high yield and thus, manage to run longer than 30 sets of cartridges would do. If you are looking for an eco-friendly printer, the Epson WorkForce ET – 3750 All-in-One Supertank Printer is an excellent pick.

2. What Is An Eco-Solvent Printer?

Printers that are compatible with the biodegradable eco-solvent ink are known as eco-solvent printers. Inks used in eco-solvent printers have a combination of ether and mineral oils. Their VOC content is extremely low, and they release almost no odor. As a result, these produce no toxic or carcinogenic fumes during the printing process, minimizing the waste released to the environment. You also do not have to worry about getting diseases like emphysema and bronchitis, which can damage your lungs.

3. Which Is The Best Eco-Solvent Printer?

All the printers in our list manage to shine as eco-solvent printers. However, each brings its own unique features to the table. For example, Epson EcoTank ET – 2720 Printer brings the smallest dimensions, decent printing speed, and outstanding resolution. The Epson EcoTank ET – 4760 Wireless All-in-One Printer is a good choice too. In comparison with the ET – 2720, it lacks behind in terms of resolution but manages to catch up with a higher speed.

4. What Printer Can Be Converted To Eco-Solvent?

The Epson EcoTank ET – 2750 Wireless All-in-One Supertank Printer can be paired with eco-solvent ink. This allows it to make eco-friendly prints that release no carcinogenic or toxic waste to the environment. Discarding the ink bottles is also easier as you do not have to worry about adding harmful chemicals to the soil.

5. What Printers Use Eco-Solvent Ink?

Printers that run on inkjet printing technology are generally compatible with eco-solvent ink. So far, Epson has managed to produce these printers which use eco-solvent ink bottles. They are low-cost and help in decreasing environmental damage caused by printing.

6. What Is The Cheapest Eco-Solvent Printer?

The Epson EcoTank ET – 2720 is an all-in-one, low-cost eco-solvent printer. Despite being the cheaper option, it does not back down in providing amazing features. Users are gifted with high resolution that provides quality output. A high printing speed also gets work done quickly while being extremely useful when you need to make large volume prints.

7. What Is The Most Environmentally Friendly Printer?

Eco-solvent printers manage to be the most environmentally friendly ones. This is because they use eco-solvent ink, which does not release toxic or carcinogenic fumes to the environment. In addition, organic chemicals are not used to manufacture them, unlike solvent inks.


Eco-solvent ink manages to up solvent ink in several ways. First, it is safer and thus, provides a more decent quality output that is resistant to scratches and water damage. Switching to this amazing option will also save you a couple of bucks.

Hence, our article introduces you to some of the best eco-solvent printers. Consider purchasing them to enjoy a safer printing journey. Reviews and a buying guide have been provided to make your shopping trip easier. Have a fun time printing with the Epson printer that is suitable for you!

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