Best Edible Printer for Cakes

As the world advances, we get to witness things that were once unimaginable. For example, ever thought you could eat your hard copies? No, right?

Well, brace yourselves as that is a possibility at the moment. Thanks to edible ink and paper availability, people can now eat printouts. Tremendous leaps have thus, been made in the food industry where chefs can utilize this idea to expand their menus.

If you are involved in the food business, then wait no more to delve into this article. We will be introducing you to the best edible printer for cakes. All you need to do is pair them with edible ink, frosting sheets, and wafer papers to produce consumable prints. So get ready to create some masterpieces that also taste great!

Comparison Chart For Top 3 Edible Printer for Cakes

IMAGE PRODUCT Printer Speed Printer Resolution Connective Technology price
Canon PIXMA G6020 Mega Tank All-in-One Printer 13 ipm (Black)
6.8 ipm (Color
4800 x 1200 dpi Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet
Canon MX492 Black All-in-One Printer 8.8 ipm (Black)
4.4 ipm (Color)
4800 x 1200 dpi (Color)
600 x 600 dpi (Black)
Canon Pixma TS6320 Wireless All-In-One Photo Printer 15 ipm (Black)
10 ipm (Color)
4800 x 1200 dpi Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

What is Edible Ink?

Edible inks consist of a combination between purified water, organic chemicals like propylene glycol, and color. These chemical compounds are perfectly digestible and commonly found in food coloring, meaning you do not have to worry about poisoning or other health complications. Bakers and chefs frequently use them to decorate baked goodies like cakes, cookies, cupcakes, pastries, etc.

Just like solvent or eco-solvent ink cartridges, you can find edible ink cartridges in four colors – cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black). You can shop for them in printing or hardware stores.

How Does Edible Ink Printing Work?

Edible ink printing works similarly to regular inkjet printing. All you need to do is use edible ink cartridges instead of any other kind.

Once you have placed your edible paper in the paper tray, open the photo you want to print and click the print command. The edible paper will be rolled in by your edible ink printer, and the nozzles on your print head will spray on the edible ink. Each section will have dots of ink that join to portray an output. The number of dots per inch will be dependent on the resolution.

One has to be extremely careful about maintaining their edible image printer. It should only be reserved for making edible prints as using other types of ink can result in cross-contamination. In addition, you need to keep an eye on the ink’s expiration period and regularly clean the insides with an edible cleaning kit. Otherwise, old deposits of the ink can rot with time and leave unhealthy chemicals on your edible image prints.

Things To Check Before Buying An Edible Printer For Cakes

To fish out the printer for edible image, you need to be aware of which features to handpick. Cake photo printers are extremely versatile tools, so learning to distinguish between their specifications will assist in choosing process. Here are some things that you need to look for:

Sheet Size

Dimensions of your baked goodies will vary depending on the orders set by customers. Therefore, your printer should be able to print on varying sizes of edible paper. A small range of sheet sizes will only limit your cake sizes and make it harder to display your skills.

So, while purchasing your cake photo printer, look for something that will be able to print 4 x 6 inches pictures along with legal or letter-sized ones. Bakers who make humongous cakes should look into wide format printers that will serve 13 x 19 inches maximum sheet size.

Paper Compatibility

Frosting sheets, chocolate paper, and rice/ wafer paper vary greatly from regular printing papers. There is a stark difference in texture and thickness, so not all printers are capable of printing on them with edible ink. Many get jammed and regularly suffer from clogged print heads. So, before purchasing, always make sure your edible cake printer is capable of printing on all types of edible papers.


It is always best to keep your phone, PC, laptop, etc., away from the kitchen. This helps in keeping them away from water, fire, and other hazards. Hence, while shopping for a cake picture printer, do check that it supports wireless connectivity. Printing via cloud apps, Bluetooth connection, and Wi-Fi will allow you to make prints in your kitchen from somewhere else.


Kitchens are always crowded with cooking utensils and ingredients. Storing your edible picture printer permanently in the kitchen is, thus, not an option you can consider. So, while purchasing, make sure to get a portable kind that can be moved around per convenience. With such printers, you can print from your dining table, kitchen bench, or countertop. Remember that your printer also needs to support wireless connectivity to be portable besides being lightweight.

Ink Cartridges

As mentioned before, edible ink cartridges come in CMYK colors. This means, your edible cake printer will have to follow the same ink management system. You also need to ensure that it is compatible with ink cartridges produced by known brands like Epsom and Icinginks.

Additional Features

Edible printers for cake decorating do not really require features like ADF or auto two-sided printing. This is because frosting sheets or wafer papers need to be handled one at a time to maintain their delicate features. You also need not print on both sides. So, wasting money on such printers will get you nowhere.

Instead, look for edible ink printers that support borderless printing. This will remove the hassle of cutting out white edges from every print. You should also look into cloud printing features as they will automatically make your printer compatible with many devices.

3 Best Edible Printer for Cakes Reviews

1. Canon PIXMA G620 Mega Tank All-in-One Printer

Instead of wielding regular ink cartridges, this printer sports a hybrid ink system that manages to be way more efficient. You can simply install them once and expect to print out over 6000 pages without requiring a refill.

An exceptional borderless printing opportunity makes it stand out as an ideal edible image printer. Sizes of such prints can range from 3.5 x 3.5 inches to 8.5 x 11 inches meaning sheets with mighty and tiny dimensions can all be printed without frames. Furthermore, all the hassles of cutting the extremely delicate edible papers are also removed from the equation.

In comparison to the Canon MX492, the Canon PIXMA G620 manages to supply a higher printing speed. This makes it extremely ideal for rowdy kitchens where work needs to be done in an instant. Nevertheless, in contrast to the others, this printer cannot produce outputs that are larger than letter size.

Multifunctionality enables the possibility of scanning in elegant designs for your cake. Large bakeries could also utilize the copier to produce several copies of designs and produce mass orders of cupcakes, pastries, cakes, etc. Customers have also raved about the superior output quality and user-friendliness.


  • A weight of 17.8 lbs. makes it a portable option.
  • Money can be saved as the ink management system is more well organized.
  • The paper tray can hold up to 350 sheets so handling delicate edible papers is easier.


  • An old-fashioned control panel makes inputting commands tough.

2. Canon MX492 Black Wireless All-in-One Printer

With the assistance of the Canon PRINT app, people can send commands to this printer from iPhones, iPads, laptops, Android smartphones, etc. A few easy clicks will also help you edit the images before making an edible hardcopy.

All thanks to the high printing resolution, bakers who use the Canon MX492 printer are gifted with vibrant edible images. Thousands of dots are sprayed onto every section of the page, making all the shade perfectly distinguishable. Pasting the edible images onto cakes will then make your business flourish due to the praiseworthy outcomes. This can be your go-to food printer for cakes.

Users have spoken highly about this sugar printer’s efficiency. For example, one can scan files to create soft copies of hand-drawn designs and artworks, which can then be printed out in high quality. Copies can also be made, which decreases the task burden for huge orders.

Nonetheless, complaints regarding the installation process have also been issued, along with the compliments. Although Canon provided videos in a CD-ROM regarding the setup process, people find the steps rather tricky.

Smaller dimensions than the Canon PIXMA G620 make it extremely desirable edible printer machine in terms of portability. It is known for being 30% smaller than all its predecessors and, thus, can be easily placed in a small corner of your packed kitchen.


  • Wireless connectivity lets people print from other rooms.
  • The initial purchasing cost is extremely low.
  • Can print borderless images of size 4 x 6 inches.


  • The plastic paper tray has a high chance of being knocked off and breaking.

3. Canon Pixma TS6320 Wireless All-In-One Photo Printer

Carrying the highest printing speed makes the Canon Pixma TS6320 suitable for busy bakers. About 10 colorful prints can be made in a minute, meaning you can have dozens of cupcakes designed. In addition, wireless connectivity and a compact body helps it meet the demands of a cake picture printer.

Working in the kitchen is already stressful, and the Canon Pixma TS6320 promises to not add to your burdens. A 1.44 inch OLED display lets you navigate the task flow, and the auto-expandable tray helps in paper handling. As a result, smudged prints can always be successfully avoided.

Unlike the other printers in the list, a five individual ink system is used, which is why you will require two black ink cartridges. However, any extra money spent on ink will be put to good use as you can always expect crisp and vivid quality.

Customers who have purchased this printer regularly talk about the easy configuration and operation steps. Compatibility and connectivity never disappoint, and users are always faced with convenience. The only reason people tend to draw away from it is the high cost of maintenance and ink. In addition, cost per page is increased, meaning bakers have to spend a lot of money on their cake decor.


  • The printing device is compatible with several devices due to cloud printing abilities.
  • The ability to receive voice commands lets it support hands-free printing.
  • Superior quality prints enrich the printing experience.


  • You cannot print directly from thumb drives or memory cards.
Edible Printing 101

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Any Printer Be Used As An Edible Printer?

As long as your printer is compatible with edible ink cartridges, it can be termed an edible printer. Nevertheless, the printer needs to be reserved only for cake photo printing and should be cleaned regularly with an edible printing kit. Your printer also needs to be able to support the thickness of edible papers like wafer paper, frosting sheets, and chocolate paper.

Laser printers, in contrast, are not able to print images on edible paper.

2. Can I Use A Regular Printer With Edible Ink?

Most regular inkjet printers are compatible with edible ink cartridges. Nevertheless, you need to clean your printer using an edible cleaning kit and ensure that it is not used for other purposes. For example, a printer that gets paired with solvent or other toxic inks should not be used to make edible prints. The FDA has forbidden people from doing this because the print heads can contaminate your output with dangerous chemicals. When ingested, such prints can cause serious health issues like food poisoning.

3. Which Printer Is Best For Photo Cake?

The Canon MX492 Black All-in-One is a great cake photo printer. Users can print out pictures with dimensions as big as legal-sized pictures and connect their devices wirelessly. A high printing resolution immediately ensures great quality, meaning that your cakes will look stunning.

4. What Machine Is Used For Edible Images?

Canon inkjet printing machines are devices that can be used as edible image printers. All you need to do is install edible ink cartridges within them and fill them up with edible ink. Edible papers like sugar sheets, chocolate paper, rice paper, etc., should be used to make the printed output digestible. The Canon Pixma TS6320 Wireless Photo Printer stands out as an outstanding pick with its high resolution and printing speed.

5. What Is The Difference Between An Edible Printer And Normal Printer?

Edible printers and normal printers do not have too many dissimilarities. The difference only lies in the ink compatibility. That is, edible printers use edible ink cartridges while normal printers use solvent ink. Edible printers also require frequent cleaning using edible cleaning kits to make sure the prints are of fresh quality. Users of edible printers can easily make regular prints by switching to solvent ink. However, once this is done, the printer is not supposed to be used for edible printing.

6. What Canon Printer Can Be Used For Edible Printing?

Most Canon printers can be used for edible printing, but the Canon PIXMA G620 Mega Tank All-in-One Printer is amazing. It provides a superior quality output on edible papers making the cakes stand out. Bakers are known to have a good experience while using it, and the speed helps them meet demands. Print commands can be made from phones, laptops, etc., via wireless connective technology.

7. How Far In Advance Can You Put An Edible Image On A Cake?

For cakes with grainier frosting, one can put an edible image on the cake 48 hours ahead of presenting. However, frostings that are on the creamier side, like whipped cream, should only have edible images pasted before an hour or two of presenting. This prevents the edible photo from fading away with time.


Since you now know about the best edible printer for cakes, you can go ahead and cook up some stunning dishes. Let your printouts elevate the look of your dining table and eating experience. All necessary information regarding the printer has been provided, while pieces of advice have also been relayed in a guide. Hopefully, our article has made shopping easier for you. So, have a fun time printing and eating!

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