Best Photo Printer For Android 2022

When you have multiple images and photo papers, you need nothing but a middleman. It will work to blend them well to give you something great.

Great as in the photos will be of high quality. But who’s that middleman?

Let us answer this, it’s the photo printer.

You have to look for one that promises to give you photos of high resolutions, smooth performance, media compatibility, higher tray capacity, and some additional functions.

Wait! These features seem to match the ones that HP models boast! How?

To find that out, you better check out our list. We’ve picked some models where each claims to be the best photo printer for android.


Best HP Photo Printer

Comparison Chart For Top 5 Photo Printer For Android

IMAGE PRODUCT Resolutions (dpi)Speed For 4×6 (sec.)Photo Paper Capacityprice
HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e2FineConcrete, asphalt
HP OfficeJet Pro 69789MediumRock, stone
HP DeskJet 4155e30FineWood, plastic
HP DeskJet 37551MediumCement, glass
HP ENVY 6055e1MediumCement, glass

5 Best Photo Printers For Android Phone Reviews

1. HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e

Want some striking edge-to-edge printing? Then Pro 9015e is there for you. It has resolutions of up to 4800 x 1200 dpi that make sure the photos are sharp and clear. The individual cartridge system is beneficial as well. If you run out of one color, you’ll just have to replace the tank of that color making the entire unit cost-effective.

Its tray is adjustable and has a capacity to hold around 50 photo papers with ease. You can place up to 8.5×11-inch media files that ensure beautiful prints given the resolutions.

Since it’s an all-in-one HP photo inkjet printer, you’ll get to use scanning and copying functions as well. In case you have a hard copy of the photo, you can use those to create more copies. Not only the process would be quick but also the result would be satisfying.

It does almost all the work pretty fast. For 4×6 photo paper, the printer would take around 39 seconds to spit. And this is the time for borderless printing.

One small issue with the printer is that it’s pretty noisy. But you can minimize it by keeping the printer far from you. That way, you can conveniently control the unit.

Setting it up with wires would take lesser time than going wireless. Both the processes should be easy for you, although the latter might be time-consuming.


  • Delivers vivid and sharp photos.
  • Prints borderless images pretty fast.
  • Adjustable tray can hold around 50 photo papers.
  • Includes scanning and printing functions.
  • Setup processes are easy.


  • Noise may annoy you.

2. HP OfficeJet Pro 6978

Lots of images to print? Then you need something like Pro 6978. It’s good because it knows how to do the work quickly. You get the print on 4×6 in just 16 seconds, meaning it works at a speed rate of 3 complete photos per minute.

Pro 6978 would be economical for you as it comes with single-color cartridge system. Plus, it stands at 600 x 1200 dpi resolutions to give you optimum printing on 4×6 and to some extent, 5×7. The larger the photo, the more the quality may get compromised.

One con of the photo printer is that it’s big. However, with bigger footprint, you get higher capacity. The tray can easily accommodate around 60 photo papers without getting jammed. And you can adjust it to 8.5×11-inch media files.

If you don’t like it big, you can consider getting a smaller one like HP ENVY 6055e. Or else, you can keep it separately to save space on your desk. Since it’s a wireless model, controlling the printer will be convenient.

Not just print, it will scan and copy your photos as well. You’d find the process pretty fast. And if the hard copy’s resolution is high, you’d get similar quality from the printed copies.

It’s quite easy to set up the printer be it with or without the wire. So, there isn’t any reason not to have one.


  • 4×6-sized photos appear well-detailed.
  • Prints as fast as 16 seconds.
  • Tray accommodates up to 60 8.5×11” photo papers.
  • Scans and copies fast.
  • Setting up is pretty simple.


  • Big footprint takes up more space.

3. HP DeskJet 4155e

A great HP color photo printer for android phone, the 4155e delivers crisp and rich photos with resolutions up to 4800 x 1200 dpi. Even if you use larger photos measuring 8.5×11-inch, you’d get high-quality printing.

It has a tricolor cartridge system. It means that the printer would use the ink wisely to provide you with a good amount of prints.

The tray capacity is decent since it has space for around 20 photo papers to fit. Not just that, you can adjust it to media files having 8.5×11 inches.

With simple wireless setup and user-friendly features, it’d be ideal for anyone to use. One big plus is that you can scan and copy your photos from the printer. It’d do the work in around 20 to 30 seconds which is somewhat fast.

The speed is its weak link. It’d take around a minute and a half to complete printing a 4×6 photo. So, you’d find it very slow. If you have a moderate amount of batch to print, it’d be perfect for you. In case the batch is big, then 9015e can be a good option for you. Also, note that the unit can’t do borderless printing which means you may have to cut borders of your printed photos.


  • Provides you with well-detailed images.
  • Comes with a decent tray capacity even for 8.5×11 photo papers.
  • The setup process is quite simple.
  • Tends to scan and copy moderately fast.
  • Very convenient to use.


  • Slow and no borderless printing.

4. HP DeskJet 3755

Do you want big photos to be printed in high resolutions? Then 3755 would be an ideal printer for you. With 4800 x 1200 dpi, you get bright and non-pixelated images on photo papers as big as 8.5×14 inches.

The tray can be adjusted up to such sizes. Plus, you can load up to 20 photo papers with ease.

Since it comes with a tricolor cartridge system, you can get more printouts with less use of ink. That’s what its specialty is.

This is somewhat a quicker printer than the previous one. It’d spit your image on 4×6 within 75 seconds. If speed isn’t your priority, you’d find it perfect for the quality it delivers. Just the lack of borderless printing may bother you. If it does, then you may check out ENVY 6055e or you can cut the borders with a guillotine cutter.

The photo printer for android phone tends to scan and copy pretty fast. You can make use of the hard copies of your photos to get more.

You’d find it easy peasy to set up. You may not want to go wireless with this as it allegedly tends to lose connection. But using it with a cable would make it more convenient. The printer delivers quicker performance and the compact size wouldn’t take much of your space on the desk.


  • Photo quality is striking even on large media files.
  • It’d load up to 20 photo papers with ease.
  • Compact, hence saving space.
  • Operates smoothly with cable connection.
  • Comes with scanning and copying functions.


  • No borderless printing and moderate speed.

5. HP ENVY 6055e

Many other models will stay behind of the HP 6055e photo printer for the features it offers. First one would be its optimum photo quality thanks to 4800 x 1200 dpi resolutions. With tricolor tank system, Envy uses low amount of ink and produces more printouts of your photographs.

A good thing is that the tray would hold a decent amount of photo paper. You can stack around 30 of them even if they measure up to 8.5×11 inches. The best part, you’d get non-pixelated prints on larger media files too.

The speed of this HP inkjet photo printer is surely impressive. It’d provide you with a printed photo on 4×6 within 53 seconds. We’d call that quite fast.

You’d love to scan and copy your photographs with this printer. It delivers good quality and it’d be fairly prompt.

Although the setup is easy, it’d be very time-consuming for you. It’s better you leave the proximity unless it’s done with the process.

Since it’s a compact photo printer, you can keep it on your desk or you can move it anywhere. It wouldn’t eat much space.


  • Photo-quality is premium.
  • It prints the image fast.
  • You can load up to 30 photo papers of 8.5×11-inch.
  • Compact helps save space.
  • Able to scan and copy fast.


  • Takes a longer time to set up.

Key Considerations Before Choosing A Photo Printer For Android


The quality of your image depends on the size of the photo paper you’d be using.

Printers with 9600 x 2400 dpi resolutions will be ideal for 13×19-inch photo papers. However, media files of this size might be too large for you.

Rather you can go with printers that have resolutions ranging from 4800 x 1200 dpi to 5760 x 1440 dpi. The prints will be optimum as long as they are up to 8.5×14 inches. In that case, Pro 9015e can be the best HP printer for photos.

If you use standard and common sizes that include 4×6-inch and 5×7-inch photo papers, resolutions with 600 x 1200 dpi or more will be perfect. For instance, this Pro 6978 model can be a suitable one to have.

So, the print resolutions and photo paper sizes must be compatible. This way, your photographs will turn out rich and sharp.  

Tank System

HP photo printer uses 2 common kinds of ink systems. Single-color and Tricolor cartridge system.

Models like Pro 9015e come with a separate tank for each color allowing you to change the one that gets empty. This makes the photo printer pretty cost-effective. A small drawback is that these printers use ink from different tanks more than their counterpart.

You can also opt for printers like DeskJet 3755 that uses Tricolor cartridge system. It uses less ink and helps provide you with more photo printouts. The downside is that you have to replace the entire cartridge even if one color runs out. If your budget isn’t tight, you can get colorful pictures from such a model.


It shouldn’t be a big factor unless you don’t have patience and are stuck with a high volume of photographs to print.

However, if that’s the situation, make sure the device prints on 4×6-inch in less than 55 seconds. This is the range where a photo printer can be called moderately fast.

Note that, the larger the media file, the slower the speed will get. To get the idea, check the speed for a 4×6 photo paper. 

Models like Pro 6978 print on that in just 16 seconds making it one of the quickest. Meanwhile, the speed of Envy 6055e is decent as it spits in 53 seconds.

Photo Paper Handling

If you hate the hassle of frequent refills, then make sure the printer handles lots of photo papers without overcrowding the space. The capacity of 20 media files would be pretty decent whereas some can hold around 60 or more!

You can consider having Pro 6978 in case you want that benefit.

The tray should also be adjustable so you can load photo paper of different sizes. It should be at least compatible with one measuring between 4×6 inches and 8.5×14 inches. This way, you can get photo printouts of different sizes and use them for making gift cards, wallpapers, or framing.

Functions And Other Features

Having functions like scanning and copying makes the photo printer for android more versatile. You can scan and make copies from the hard copy of your photographs.

It’s a bonus if the photo printer for android phne has features like Auto Duplex and Auto Sheet Feeder. This wouldn’t be very useful for photo papers but you can make the most of them for plain papers. The Duplex would help save you paper while Feeder would help with multiple scanning and copying.

P.S- Avoid using photo paper in Auto Feeder as it can be harmful to the unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which HP Inkjet Printer Is Best For Home Use?

HP ENVY 6055e has some efficient features that make it the most ideal for home use. Firstly, it’s reasonable. Secondly, it’s low-profile that helps save a good space. Thirdly, the unit is fairly quick because it prints a 4×6 photo in just 53 seconds. If you have lots of images to print, this would be ideal.

And on top of these, the resolutions are as high as 4800 x 1200 dpi that ensures clear and premium printouts. Even if you place large photo paper sizing 8.5×11 inches, you get the desired result.

Plus, it’d hold around 30 photo papers, meaning there wouldn’t be any inconvenience of frequent refilling at home.

2. Which Is Better HP Officejet Or HP Envy?

In terms of photo quality, models of both HP OfficeJet and Envy perform equally great. You’d find both the series having resolutions up to 4800 x 1200 dpi.

However, OfficeJet tends to work faster than Envy. So, it’d be perfect for higher volume of photo papers that most pro photographers deal with in their office. Plus, the capacity of handling media files is higher. You don’t have to keep on refilling the photo paper that often.

For home use, Envy’s low-profile look makes it suitable. The speed is decent if the amount of photo paper is medium.

3. What Is The Difference Between HP ENVY And HP Deskjet?

The key difference between HP Envy and HP Deskjet is that the one can print borderless while the latter can’t.

Some other factors that make one different from another are the price, footprint, and speed.

Envy models are more reasonable and faster than HP Deskjet. Meanwhile, HP Deskjet product lines tend to be compact in size making them ideal for small spaces.

4. Is Deskjet The Same As Inkjet?

Yes. Deskjet is one of the product lines of HP for inkjet printers.

5. What Is The Difference Between HP Officejet Pro And HP ENVY Pro?

Officejet Pro has faster printers than the Envy Pro ones. Plus, the cost-per-print is evidently better. Contrariwise, the footprint of Envy models is sm aller than the other one.

6. Which Printer is Best for Android phone?

Canon 9596B002 PIXMA iP110 Color Inkjet Printer is one of the best printers if you intend to use with you android phone. Its resolution and printing speed will provide you a smooth service. Moreover, you can connect this printer with your android phone easily either via USB or Wi-Fi.

7. How do I print high quality photos on Android?

First, your printer has to support Google Cloud Print. Not all printers are Cloud Print compatible. Google has a list of those; If your printer is one of those listed Cloud Print compatible printers, make sure that your both of your printer and android phone are connected to the same WiFi network.

To print from your Android phone to your printer, you’ll have to set up printing on your android phone.Then Proceed the following steps and select one after another.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Connected devices
  3. Connection preferences
  4. Printing
  5. Google Cloud Print (Install Cloud Print from the screen)
  6. Now, you see your printer, select it and it’s ready to print.

Final Words

Checking the printer’s resolution is a must to see if it’s high enough for the photo paper size you’d use. Also, make a note of your requirements so that you can easily get the best photo printer for Android for yourself.

HP has earned its reputation through quality and performance. That’s why it was easy for us to list the finest ones.