Best Printable HTV 2022

Looking to start a business that sells customized products? Want to produce printed t-shirts, wooden items, printed bags, hats, or other merchandise?

If yes, you will probably need HTV – more commonly known as heat transfer vinyl. All types of designs, texts, and images can be printed upon them, and as soon as you remove the backing, you can have it pasted onto the surface of products.

Heat transfer vinyl is made of polymer and can come in varying thicknesses and colors. They can easily pass through the roller of printers and effortlessly provide flawless output. However, many manufacturers have decided to produce them due to their popularity, confusing all first-time buyers.

So, to help our beloved readers out, we will list some of the best printable HTV. Waste no time finding the perfect one for yourself!

List Of Printable HTV

  1. PPD Inkjet Premium Iron-On White and Light Color T-Shirt LTR (PPD001 – 10)
  2. TransOurDream Tru-Iron on Heat Transfer Paper for Dark Fabric (TOD – 7)
  3. HTVRONT Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl, Vivid Color & Durable Iron on Transfer Paper
  4. Siser EasySubli HTV – Printable Sublimation Heat Transfer Vinyl
  5. TransOurDream Iron on Heat Transfer Paper for Dark T-Shirts for Laser and Inkjet Printer (TRANS – D3 – 20)
  6. TransOurDream Iron on Heat Transfer Vinyl for Inkjet and Laserjet Printer Iron on (TRANS – L3 – 1 – 20)
  7. Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl Paper Inkjet Printer Iron on HTV for Dark Fabrics
  8. Siser Easy Weed HTV Sheets Pack Starter Bundle
Best Printable HTV

Comparison Chart For Top 8 Printable HTV

PPD Inkjet Premium Iron-On White and Light Color T-Shirt LTR (PPD001 – 10)8.5 x 11 inchesHTV paper for light fabric printingT-shirts, cushions, pillowcases, bags, etc.
TransOurDream Tru-Iron on Heat Transfer Paper for Dark Fabric (TOD – 7)8.5 x 11 inchesHTV paper for dark fabric printingDark t-shirts, pillowcases, aprons, etc.
HTVRONT Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl, Vivid Color & Durable Iron on Transfer Paper8.5 x 11 inchesHTV paper for dark fabric printingT-shirts, cushions, pillowcases, backpacks, etc.
Siser EasySubli HTV – Printable Sublimation Heat Transfer Vinyl8.4 x 11 inchesPolyester VinylT-shirts, sweat pants, sweatshirts, etc.
TransOurDream Iron on Heat Transfer Paper for Dark T-Shirts for Laser and Inkjet Printer (TRANS – D3 – 20)8.5 x 11 inchesHTV for dark fabric printing using Inkjet and Laser printerDark t-shirts, aprons, pillowcases, etc.
TransOurDream Iron on Heat Transfer Vinyl for Inkjet and Laserjet Printer Iron on (TRANS – L3 – 1 – 20)8.5 x 11 inchesHTV for fabric printing using Inkjet and Laser printerLight T-shirts, aprons, pillowcases, etc.
Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl Paper Inkjet Printer Iron on HTV for Dark Fabrics8.5 x 11 inchesHTV for dark fabric printing using Inkjet printerT-shirt, hats, aprons, cushions, scarf, rucksack, etc.
Siser Easy Weed HTV Sheets Pack Starter Bundle12 x 15 inchesPressure sensitive easy weed printable HTVCotton, polyester, leather, poly/cotton blends

What Is Heat Transfer Vinyl Printing?

Heat transfer vinyl printing is a process that can be utilized to design t-shirts, fabrics, plastic items, or wooden surfaces. Essentials for the procedure include an inkjet or laser printer and vinyl sheets compatible with the printing technology you are using. These sheets are weaved out using a very special blend of vinyl polymer and usually have an adhesive backing.

Initially, during the process, transfer sheets are placed onto a printer’s feed tray. Then, a print command is ordered, and soon enough, the transfer sheet will be rolled in to provide output. Images, backgrounds, texts, clip arts, etc., can easily be printed onto the surface, and then, extra portions that have no prints are cut off. For small prints, for example – logos, many are printed on one sheet, and then each is separated using scissors.

Once the printing is done, the transfer paper is kept on top of the surface you wish the print to be on. A heat press or iron is then used to infuse the print onto the products.

Key Considerations Before Choosing A Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

While looking for the best heat transfer vinyl, there are some features that you definitely need to spend time looking into. Ensuring their availability will ease your HTV printing journey and enhance the quality of the products. Here are some things that you should pay attention to:


Durability will be a crucial feature if you intend to manufacture products like clothes, plastic cups, or wooden frames. As customers will be paying for your items, it is important that you present them with prints that do not immediately fade away after usage.

So, instead of buying cheap HTV, consider buying expensive ones which promise to be longer-lasting. Known brands are also more likely to give you trustworthy sheets. 


Printable heat transfer vinyl for shirts comes in hundreds of colors, giving you many alternatives. Base your pick on the color of your fabric and design to seek out the best possible option. Do not forget to think about how the print’s color will be affected by the background!

Printable HTV for dark fabrics is only suitable for materials that have a dark shade, whereas, for white or pastel colors, you should purchase the ones for light fabric HTV.

Quality Of Adhesion

Adhesion quality is another noteworthy factor. It affects how long the ink particles will cling onto the fabric, impacting how the print reacts to washes. For example, a printable heat transfer paper with strong adhesion is likely to stay on the fabric long, while those with poor quality adhesives will be scrubbed away after a few washes.

Htv Sheet Dimensions

Most printable vinyl for inkjet printers or laser printers is letter-sized. This means that they have a dimension of 8.5 x 11 inches. While this successfully caters to many people’s needs, it might not be the perfect fit for some of your products.

Therefore, before making a purchase, decide what sized printable HTVyou will need. For big designs, opt for something bigger than A4, and for small logos, look into mini sheets to remove the hassle of cutting.

6 Best Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl Reviews

1. PPD Inkjet Premium Iron-On White and Light Color T-Shirt LTR (PPD001 – 10)

Want to illuminate your dull-looking fabrics with some amazing prints?

The PPD Inkjet Premium LTR (PPD001 – 10) is undoubtedly an ideal pick for you! With a thin and flexible body, it is able to swiftly and effortlessly slide in through the feeder of inkjet printers where ink is sprayed on. In addition, quick absorption removes the possibility of smudges, while the transparent background removes the need for cutting.

As you head on to the pasting process, you will be surprised to learn that it is equally straightforward as printing. It would be best to position it and apply heat using an iron or heat press. Removal steps can be eliminated since the entire sheet is set onto the fabrics. Outstanding-looking output is then received by all users.

Prints made on fabric with this are also extremely durable and long-lasting. You can trust it never to form cracks, peel off, or fade away, resulting in your product looking the same for ages!


  • It does not require peeling
  • It can be washed after pasting
  • Works on a wide range of fabrics


  • Adhesion is not up to the par

2. TransOurDream Tru-Iron on Heat Transfer Paper for Dark Fabric (TOD – 7)

Unlike the PPD Premium HTV, the TransOurDream Tru-Iron on Heat Transfer Paper comes in a pack consisting of 20 sheets. Anyone who does fabric printing as a business can buy a lot at once, reducing the hassle of constant shopping. As it can sit on most iron-able fabrics, you can also use it to accomplish all of your fabric printing tasks successfully!

The TransOurDream (TOD – 7) is only recommended for printing on dark fabrics. Users can paste vivid images using iron within 5 minutes, while the heat pressing technique will require 10 seconds at most. People can rapidly wrap up their tasks – a feature that is extremely beneficial for business use.

As this HTV is flexible, stretchable, and non-breakable, users can always trust it to last for a long time. Furthermore, peels, cracks, and fading are not noted till at least 30 washes, so you can definitely use them to make t-shirts, flags, or bags for trips, events, or outings.


  • Offers a versatile using experience
  • Comes with Teflon paper for heat pressing or ironing
  • Absorbs both – pigment and dye-based inks


  • Leaves white marks if the background isn’t cut properly

3. HTVRONT Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl, Vivid Color & Durable

The HTVRONT is a printable heat transfer vinyl for dark fabrics, similar to the aforementioned option. Each pack will consist of 20 printable heat transfer vinyl sheets that should only be utilized with dark or bright fabrics. As ink sets nicely on it, you will be guaranteed vibrant output as long as a high-resolution inkjet printer is used.

In terms of longevity, this HTV is also a customer favorite. It can endure washes without peeling off, cracking, or fading, resulting in the printed product being a life-long companion. What also makes it a loved option is how soft it feels on clothes. As a result, you need not worry about it forming a hard and uncomfortable layer that adds negative touches to your products.

The HTVRONT heat transfer vinyl is especially suitable for products that have a cotton or polyester blend. The adhesion quality frequently receives praises as it clings tightly to these materials, creating a strong bond that resists damage caused by scratches or rubbing.


  • Strong adhesive backing
  • HTV has a durable build
  • Application requires only a few seconds


  • Not compatible with the Cricut cutting machines.

4. Siser EasySubli HTV – Printable Sublimation Heat Transfer Vinyl

So far, all the HTVs mentioned on our list have worked only with inkjet printers but not the Siser EasySubli HTV. These transfer sheets work only using sublimation inks that are found in sublimation printers. As a result, superior quality prints can be received, which can then be pasted with the assistance of a heat press or iron. In addition, 10 sheets of EasySubli masks are also provided to make this transferring process flawless.

Just like the PPD Inkjet Premium LTR (PPD001 – 10), this HTV is only suitable for making prints on white or other light-colored fabric. Therefore, any product made with cotton and polyester can receive flamboyant prints that elevate its appearance.

As the transfer sheets are made of soft material, users will notice that the prints don’t crack upon folding. In addition, the colors will not dim down upon washes, so you can use them with ease. Overall, it has managed to provide satisfactory results to most of its customers, earning hundreds of five-star ratings.


  • Provides high-quality adhesion
  • Application process requires a few seconds
  • Too high temperature is not required


  • Ink takes a long time to dry on it

5. TransOurDream Iron-on Heat Transfer Paper for Dark T-Shirts (TRANS – D3 – 20)

The TRANS – D3 – 20 is yet another TransOurDream product on our list that is suitable for getting prints on your dark fabrics. However, this is a little special unlike the previous product from the same brand! Wondering how?

The TransOurDream (TRANS – D3 – 20) manages to grab the attention of a wider range of customers by being compatible with both – inkjet and laser printers. So, all users can work by basing the type of printing technology they use on the outputs they wish to receive. So, for example, black and white texts or images can be printed sharply using a LaserJet, while inkjets can receive vibrant results. 

Nevertheless, using this HTV will also bring you some tiring restrictions that limit your experience. For example, customers are asked not to wash the product that is printed upon for 48 hours, elongating the application cycle. Washing with alkaline detergents and cold water is also forbidden, while leaving the product folded might also leave some nasty creases.


  • Can cut with Cricut
  • Doesn’t require mirror printing
  • Works with pigment and dye ink


  • Colors bleed out when left in water for too long

6. TransOurDream Iron on Heat Transfer Vinyl for Inkjet and Laserjet Printer (TRANS – L3 – 1 – 20)

Like the (TRANS – D3 – 20), the (TRANS – L3 – 1 – 20) is a HTV compatible with inkjet and laser printers. Crispy mono output and colorful hard copies can hence be used to decorate the appearance of your t-shirts, pillows, bags, pouches, etc. 

In contrast to the other TransOurDream products, this HTV can only be used on light surfaces. So, prints can only be made on cotton and poly blends that come in white or pastel shades. 

Customers who have brought the product have given five stars for user-friendliness and adhesion. The application process requires almost no effort and can be completed within a jiffy. Once it’s over with, you need not worry about fading or peeling for ages!


  • Has a flexible build
  • Lasts through many washes
  • Strongly adhesive backing


  • Reacts poorly with alkaline detergent or bleach

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is There Such A Thing As Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Yes, printable heat transfer vinyl sheets are available and widely used to design fabrics. Each of these sheets are made to be compatible with a certain type of printing technology – inkjet, laser, or dye sublimation. Users only need to feed the transfer sheets through the printer’s feeder, and as long as the command is set, you will definitely receive a hard copy. These can then be weeded or cut using scissors, and the prints can be transferred to the fabric’s surfaces by heat pressing or ironing. Overall, the process is straightforward and can be easily carried out.

2. What Kind Of Printer Do I Need To Print On Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Printers that utilize solvent, eco-solvent, or latex inks are able to print on transfer papers. However, you will have to spend some time searching for the one compatible with your printing technology. Transfer papers that are compatible with inkjet printing technology have a porous surface that can absorb the liquid ink droplets sprayed by the ink cartridge. On the other hand, the ones that can be paired with laser printers lack this feature. Instead, they come with a body that is able to react well with the heat applied to infuse powdered ink. However, nowadays, some transfer papers can work with inkjet and laser printers.

3. Is Printable Vinyl Good For T-Shirts?

Printable vinyl causes absolutely no damage to a t-shirt’s fabric. Instead, it elevates the appearance by adding colorful images, texts, or designs to its surface. As a result, people can easily customize outfits for events like family trips, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc.

Designing t-shirts using printable vinyl is also known to be a rather inexpensive and straightforward method. Therefore, people can start businesses with little funds and expect to make a lot of profit.

4. Does Siser Make Printable Vinyl?

Yes, Siser makes heat transfer printable vinyl that is of extremely high quality. We have even mentioned our favorite – the Siser EasySubli HTV Printable Sublimation – on our list. An advantage of Siser printable vinyl includes compatibility with both solvent and eco-solvent ink. This widens the range of customers gravely. Aside from this, Siser printable vinyl can also be used for light and dark garments. This is a unique feature since most HTV only seem to be ideal for one of those jobs.

5. How Long Do Printable Vinyl Shirts Last?

The answer to this question differs depending on the adhesion quality of the transfer sheets that you use. Most will offer you at least 30 to 50 washes before some of the print starts scraping off. For expensive and superior quality transfer sheets, these numbers will hike up whereas, for cheap ones with bad adhesion, even 2 or 3 washes can cause damage.

Other than looking at the adhesion quality, you also need to pay attention to the pasting. After you have heat-pressed the print onto the surface of the t-shirt, refrain from washing for a day or two. This lets the ink particles properly cling onto the t-shirt’s fabric.

6. Is Heat Transfer Vinyl The Same As Iron On?

Heat transfer vinyl and iron-on vinyl are the same things. Both require a high temperature to be infused onto the surfaces of fabric, plastic, or other materials. An iron will be ideal for vinyl printing for home use or small business as long as the temperature requirements are met. In contrast, businesses that receive large orders should opt for heat pressing since a temperature can be typed in, and the job is done a lot faster. A good production pace is also maintained, letting customers effortlessly access products.

7. What Is Inkjet Printable Vinyl?

Inkjet printable vinyl is transfer sheets that can be printed using devices that only run on inkjet printing technology. They have a porous surface that can suck in the inkjet printer’s liquid ink, which is dotted onto its surface by printheads. As inkjet printers offer better resolution, inkjet printable vinyl is commonly used for adding photo or colorful prints on products. Black and white texts also manage to come out with high precision.


We have pointed you in the direction of some of the best printable HTVs. With the choices narrowed down, picking the ideal one must be easier. For further convenience, you should also take some time to go through the buying guide and identify all the features that you should spend on.

Hopefully, you will be able to fish out the perfect printable heat transfer vinyl for yourself. Only then can your business be filled with satisfied customers that let your business flourish. So have a fun time printing!