Best Printer For Printing Calendars 2022

Do you want to beautify your desk even more with a colorful and eye-catching calendar? Do you want to customize and print a calendar suiting your needs just perfectly?

Well, the good news for you is that with all the high-performing printers around, it is possible to print the most awesome types of calendars you can think of.

Whether you want to do it for yourself or as a part of your business, finding the best printer for printing calendars can be a tricky task due to the diversity of features.

But, that shouldn’t be a worry for you. We’ve taken our time and done our research to ensure that you can comfortably choose the perfect printer for yourself after you’ve gone through our article.

Best Printer For Printing Calendars

Comparison Chart For Top 5 Printer for Printing Calendars

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 Inkjet Printer
  • Colors: 11
  • Media Size: 17X12”
  • Resolution: 4800X2400 DPI
  • Feeding Methods: 2
Epson SureColor P400 Wireless Color Photo Printer
  • Colors: 8
  • Media Size: 13X129”
  • Cartridge Volume: 14mL
  • Feeding Methods: 4
Epson XP-15000 Wireless Printer
  • Ink System: Ink Cartridge
  • Media Size: 13X19”
  • Specialty Tray: Yes
  • Speed: One 4”X6” photo in 30s
Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8550 Supertank Printer
  • Functions: Print, Scan, Copy
  • Media Size: 13X19”
  • Ink Volume: 70mL
  • Media Thickness: 1.3mm
HP DesignJet T730 Large Format Printer
  • Colors: 4
  • Media Size: 36”
  • Speed: One A1/D sheet in 25s
  • Feeding Methods: 5

Considerations When Printing Your Own Calendar From Home

There are several factors that come into play when you’re printing calendars on your own from home. It would be best to carefully decide on a few aspects to get the best result out of this venture.

Photos And Texts

As you can customize, you should be careful while choosing the photos that you want to print on the calendar.

All the photos should have similar brightness and contrast levels.

You should also carefully adjust the sizes of the photos you’ll be using. They should be minimized in such a way so that the quality doesn’t break or the resolution doesn’t fall.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t add too many texts, since these can take up too much space and eventually destroy the beauty of the certain calendar page.

Right Kind Of Paper

Even with the best kind of printers, poor quality of the paper can totally destroy your calendar.

There are endless brands and quality of paper available out there, on which you can print your calendar.

You shouldn’t print your calendar on plain paper. Rather, thicker and heavier forms of glossy and matte paper are ideal for desk calendars.

If you want your photos to stand out more than anything, semi-gloss photo papers should be your preferred choice. On the other hand, if you want a proper, “desk-calendar feel”, the matte paper will work better.

Binding The Calendar

How will you complete your calendar after printing is finished?

This process entirely depends on your preferences.

You can just stick each month up on your wall or desk, or you can join them using a stapler or paper clips.

Moreover, if you’re looking to create the professional desk calendars we see in the market, you might need to purchase a binding machine or take the help of someone who owns this machine.

Right Kind Of Printer

Along with the proper kind of paper, the right kind of printer is an absolute necessity for printing the best version of your calendars. We cover the main aspects of a printer that you should look out for below.

Printer For Printing Calendars Buying Guide

Printing calendars can be an exciting task since you can customize it in any way you want! However, it would help if you looked out for a few things in a printer before purchasing it to print calendars.

Maximum Media Size

All printers have a limit to the dimensions of sheets they can print on. Therefore, the larger the maximum paper size your printer is comfortable with, the wider the size options you can print your calendar in.

If you’re looking to print your calendars in a fixed size, you should go for a printer that will easily support the dimensions you want.

For smaller desk calendars, the Epson ET-8550 will do a great job in printing various sizes up to 13″ X19″, whereas if you’re looking to print out larger, wall calendars, the HP T730 will be a perfect fit for you.

Number Of Colors

Since you’re customizing your own calendar at home, it’s quite obvious that you’ll be printing bright and beautiful photos and designs.

You can find printers working with various combinations of colors, with the four colors (C, M, Y, K) being the minimum.

It goes without saying that the greater the number of colors being used in printing, the more authentic and vibrant will be the pictures on your calendar. The colors will stand out much better and will attract the eye.

While the average inkjet printers usually work with four colors only, high-end printers like the Canon PRO-1000 work with 11 different colors, and the Epson P400 work with 8!

Media Compatibility

It’s important for your printer to have a wide range of flexibility with different types of media.

You’ll almost never print calendars on plain paper. So, you should make sure that your printer has the proper capability to print on thicker and heavier media, such as glossy paper and matte paper.

Almost all photo printers, like the Epson XP-15000, can comfortably print on various types of photo papers, while the Epson ET-8550 can print on very thin as well as 1.3mm thick paper.

Specialty Tray

Even if your printer is adaptable to specialty paper, these may only support printing one or a few sheets at a time. It can also be an arduous task to replace the paper and set the printer up every time you print.

With a specialty tray on your printer, it’ll be a much better and smoother printing experience. You can stack up on several sheets of specialty media; for example, you can put 50 sheets of glossy paper on Epson XP-15000’s rear tray and print directly without having to change any settings and replace paper sets.

5 Best Printer for Printing Calendars Reviews

1. Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 Inkjet Printer

The Canon imagePrograf PRO-1000 is here to print your calendars in the most colorful and vibrant form possible! Canon has programmed this printer with the most amazing systems, ensuring excellent picture output.

The PRO-1000 works with an 11-color ink system along with a Chroma Optimizer.

These systems work in harmony to bring out the most authentic colors of the pictures on your calendar. So along with the enhanced vividness, the photos on your calendar will look lively and attractive.

Furthermore, this insane range of colors work with Canon’s Lucia Pro system.

The advantage of this system is that it forces droplets to be placed accurately in a stronger manner than the usual ink systems. This will help to bring out the details of your photos more precisely and print in resolutions as high as 4800X2400 DPI!

An impressive feature absent in many other photo printers is the ease of installation and operation. It’s an extremely straightforward process to set up this printer, but you’ll require an internet connection.

Canon has also done a great job in the exteriors of the printer. The PRO-1000 gives off a classy vibe with an impressive finish.

However, it has huge dimensions for a photo-printing device, weighing around 70lbs and taking up a lot of space. The buttons on the printer’s body feel a bit fragile too.

You need not worry about printing on papers from other brands, such as Moab and Canson. As long as you’ve correctly installed their ICC standards, this Canon printer will print on these papers as if they were Canon photo papers.


  • 11-color range brings out most authentic colors on the calendar
  • Installation and operation of the printer is extremely straightforward
  • Lucia Pro system can print in resolutions as high as 4800X2400 DPI
  • Prints brilliantly on paper other than Canon’s as well


  • Has huge dimensions and weighs around 70lbs, taking up a lot of space

2. Epson SureColor P400 Wireless Color Photo Printer

Are you planning to print calendars of various sizes? Do you want no limitations in your calendar size? The Epson P400 comes fulfilling these conditions!

The printer has three different paper-feeding mechanisms that you can use according to your needs.

You can conveniently print calendars as large as 13X19″ using the top feeder but only in sizes set by Epson.

On the other hand, if you want longer ones, the front feeder enables you to print in panoramic dimensions of 13″ X129″.

Compared to the Canon PRO-1000, the P400 weighs much lesser. It has a darker shade of black and takes up a smaller space.

Epson has programmed it to operate using a combination of eight different colors! In addition, they provide eight singular cartridges engineered with UltraChrome technology.

The prints on your calendar will be resistant to dust and fading, looking as good as new throughout the year.

The ink cartridges provided also have a larger capacity of 14 mL than the usual 8-10 mL and will last you considerably longer.

One cartridge contains only a gloss optimizer that gives a shiny and polished touch to finish off each print. This gives a glossy look while balancing out the colors of the pictures on the calendar.

The inkjet technology on the printer is not any behind when it comes to printing text either.

The matte and photo black inks work selectively with the tiniest droplets, which print text possessing the qualities that of laser printers.

The months, dates, and other texts on your calendars will look sharp and professional.


  • Able to print in large, panoramic dimensions like 13″ X129.”
  • UltraChrome technology in ink prevents dullness in color and damage from dust
  • Ink cartridges come with larger ink volume and can execute more prints than usual
  • Text quality is top-notch for a photo printer


  • Can only print in limited sizes preset by Epson

3. Epson XP-15000 Wireless Printer

Are you running a business and want to print a large number of calendars in a short time? Then, the XP-15000 is an insanely speedy printer for photo printer standards.

It can seamlessly print out a vibrant standard photo size in just 37 seconds! Of course, now your calendar will probably have a larger size, but this Epson printer will still deliver brilliant printouts in a short time.

Even with faster speeds, the printing process would be slowed down if you had to feed in the paper each time.

The XP-15000 comes with a solution to that as well. It has a dual-tray system, with the rear tray specialized for handling heavier paper, which you’ll use for printing calendars.

You can manage as many as 50 glossy or matte paper on the rear tray, which will increase your print volume massively as long as you’re using original Epson cartridges.

Unlike the Epson P400, the XP-15000 has a sleek design and stylish finish. In addition, it’s a lot lighter and comes with a small structure, taking up very little space in your office or home.

It would be not very pleasant if you had your calendar template on your iPad or smartphone but had to connect your computer to print.

You can quite conveniently print directly from your iPad with the help of the plethora of printing options that the XP-15000 is compatible with.

Apart from the usual USB and Wi-Fi compatibility, it’s also possible to print wirelessly through AirPrint, as well as through Epson iPrint features.  


  • The printing process is very speedy for a photo printer
  • Can handle as many as 50 sheets of specialty paper in the rear tray
  • Has a small and light structure; takes up very little space
  • Wide wireless-printing compatibility with AirPrint and Epson iPrint


  • Prints only with original Epson cartridges, which can be costly

4. Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8550 Supertank Printer

Yet another Epson printer on our list is the ET-8550 supertank printer.

As the name suggests, the supertank printer has a slightly different configuration and unique features.

The ET-8550 works with six individual ink bottles, which are much different from cartridges.

The ink bottles have dye-based inks that are much more efficient in bringing out the colors in your pictures than the pigment-based inks found in cartridges.

The pictures look more vibrant and are printed out with enhanced brightness that catches the eye.

The ink bottles will also save you a huge amount of expenses on ink as compared to cartridges.

These come with the capacity of carrying out 6000 color prints without any trouble, and you can print endless calendars for months and years on end.

If you had a hard copy of a calendar that you liked, you could replicate the same designs with this amazing Epson printer.

Using the flatbed scanner on top, you can simply scan as well as make multiple copies of your required calendar design, while also editing it if necessary, but only one sheet at a time.

The scans are also made in top qualities at 4800 DPI without any drop in quality.

Whether you’re looking to print your calendar on light matte paper or heavier glossy paper, the ET-8550 has got your back.

The paper handling capability of this printer is out of the world! Being able to print on thin sheets, such as vellum, to thicker ones like photographic papers and poster boards, this super tank printer is one of a kind!


  • Dye-based inks produce more vibrant and colorful output than pigment-based inks in cartridges
  • Ink bottles can carry out more than 6000 color prints, which will save a huge amount of expenses on ink
  • Can work as a flatbed scanner and copier machine as well
  • Has exceptional paper-handling capability, up-to sheets as thick as 1.3mm


  • Can scan only one sheet at a time

5. HP DesignJet T730 Large Format Printer

Are you looking to print professional, larger-sized calendars that can be hung on walls? The HP T730 will exactly serve your purpose!

The T730 has a pretty unique structure compared to the printers above. As a result, it has more function as an inkjet plotter and brilliantly carries out that task.

According to your requirements, you can conveniently print wall calendars of lots of different sizes. For example, while average wall calendars are usually 22″ long, the T730 can print you calendars as large as 36″!

The T730 not only impressed us with its range of size but also with its printing speed!

To print a sheet with 23″ X33″ dimensions, takes only around 25 seconds! So you can comfortably print more than 50 calendars in less than an hour, which could be a huge boost to your productivity if you’re running a business.

Similar to the Epson P400, this HP large-format printer also allows various methods of feeding paper.

Another special feature is the automated cutter installed in the machine. The cutter will automatically create accurate perforations at the end of each calendar print with proper specifications.

While this makes the process of preparing the calendars all the more flawless, it also contributes to cutting down on paper waste.

This 148lbs humongous printer will take up a huge amount of space in your workplace. The radiation produced by this machine is only suitable for industrial environments and not your home.

Although the T730 prints using dye-based inks, it works with ink cartridges rather than bottles, like the ET-8550.

However, HP provides cartridges with 130mL and 300mL volumes. This has a greater printing volume and is perfect for printing wall calendars, since large amounts of ink is required and these have greater longevity.


  • Capability to print in very large sizes, up-to 36″
  • Has an incredible printing speed; 23″ X33″ sizes can be printed in 25 seconds
  • Automated cutter creates accurate perforations, making calendar preparation easier
  • Cartridges are available in 130mL and 300mL, supporting large volumes of printing


  • Produces radiation only suitable for industrial environment and not home

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What Printer Is Used To Print Calendar?

An inkjet photo printer, like the Epson XP-15000, is used to print calendar, especially smaller-sized ones and desk calendars.

2. What Is The Best Way To Print A Calendar?

The best way to print a calendar is by using Google Calendar.

You can quite easily select any date range you want and then select on “Print” from the taskbar on the top right.

After that, you can edit the fonts, colors, and other features from the “Print Preview” option and hit “Print” once you’re done.

3. Which Paper Is Good For Calendar?

Matte paper with coating on both sides and weighing around 170 GSM or more is the best option for printing calendar.

However, if you want your photos to be more vibrant and stand out, then glossy paper with one or both sided coated will be a better choice for your calendar. It depends a lot on personal preferences.

4. What Is Needed To Make Calendars?

To make calendars, a few items are an absolute necessity.

  • The right kind of paper (Double-coated matte paper)
  • The right type of printer (Inkjet photo printers)
  • Properly-resized photos or designs
  • Binding machine

5. How Do I Print A Digital Calendar?

  • Enter the Google Calendar website.
  • Click on the menu bar with “Month” written on the top-right.
  • Select the option through which you want to customize your calendar: Day, Week, Month, Year, or any other options.
  • Now, click on “Settings” and select “Print”.
  • Under the “Print Preview” section, choose the range of date you want on your calendar.
  • You can also customize Font Size, Orientation and add Color and Styles as well.
  • Once you’re satisfied, click on “Print” to carry out the printing process.


Finding the best printer for printing calendars can be a bit challenging and very subjective, as quite a few factors depend on your personal preference and if you’ll be printing in large volumes.

However, with some extensive research, we believe we’ve created the perfect list of printers that will serve your purpose in printing calendars just the way you want it to.