Best QR Code Printer 2022

Are your QR codes not working properly on scan? Are they becoming non-functional a few days after print? We understand your frustration and we are confident enough to blame it on your printer!

QR codes are sensitive combinations of coded language, and any form of irregularity, whether it’s while printing or after printing, will cause it to malfunction.

You want your QR code to be crystal clear and not fade away quickly, so it can be scanned even years after printing.

We’ll make your codes achieve just that by presenting to you the most well-performing label printers available out there so that you can decide on the best QR code printer for yourself.

Best QR Code Printer

Comparison Chart Of Top 5 QR Code Printer

IMAGE PRODUCT Resolution (DPI)Printing Speed
Maximum Printing Width
Brother QL-810W Label Printer600×30017658mm
PUQU Label Printer203×20310-3550
DYMO LabelWriter 450 Label Printer300×300108.555.9
Perco Monarch 1131 Price GunN/AN/A20
ROLLO Label Printer203×203150104

Things To Consider Before Choosing A QR Code Printer

Searching for a QR code printer can be a tricky job since you have to look out for a number of aspects to make sure your QR code stickers are of the highest quality. Let’s take a look at the key points you should be aware of before making your printer purchase.


As you well know, there are various types of printing technologies like Inkjet, Laser, Thermal, and many more.

Almost all types of label printers use thermal technology for printing. Even though you can print labels using inkjet printers, thermal label printers are much more efficient and productive at the same time.

Almost all our printers, like the Brother QL-810W and PUQU Label Printer, use thermal technology. As a result, they print faster than the likes of inkjet and laser and accompany the much lesser sound.

To top it off, you won’t ever have to change an ink cartridge or toner since thermal printers use a heat fusion process for printing. This will save you a huge amount of money and resources while also reducing maintenance.


Even while printing in thermal technology, the resolution is different for different printers. It boils down to the configuration of the printer, the printing process, and how advanced the integrated technology is.

Without a doubt, you should opt for the printer that will deliver greater resolutions for you, like the LabelWriter 450, which prints at 300DPI, compared to our ROLLO printer’s 203DPI.

Your QR code will look clearer in greater resolutions, and the combinations can be easily read by any phone’s scanner.

In accordance with your needs, there are also printers that give you various resolutions to print in, like the Brother QL-810W.

Lower resolutions print relatively faster, so you can increase your productivity by choosing to cut down on quality by just the right amount. 


Whether you’re printing for products to be shipped or for items in your shop, speed is a key factor for QR code printers.

Low-speed printers will greatly hinder your efficiency, and introducing QR codes to your business will only cause losses rather than gains.

Usually, any label-printing speed greater than 60 labels/minute or 100mm/s should be good enough for you to print QR code stickers efficiently.

The ROLLO label printer can produce around 60-70 labels in a minute, while the QL-810W delivers a staggering 110!


With everything going wireless every passing day, you need your printing process to be wireless too. You won’t always have easy access to computers for printing out your QR code labels, and a good range of connectivity in your QR code printer is essential.

Most modern label printers support printing over Wi-Fi from both Apple and Android devices, like the Brother QL-810W.

Moreover, if your printer supports Bluetooth connectivity, like the PUQU label printer, it’s automatically in a league of its own!

Bluetooth printing is much faster than Wi-Fi printing as you can easily switch devices whenever you want without any time lag, which usually happens with Wi-Fi printing.

5 Best QR Code Printer Reviews

1. Brother QL-810W Label Printer

Brother has always been impressing users in the printing industry, and the QL-810W is yet another proof.

We were taken aback by the printing speed that this device comes with, a whopping 110 labels in a minute!

If you’re printing QR code labels for products in your shop, the QL-810W will increase your productivity greatly with such high speeds.

The quality of the print also caught our eye. This Brother printer offers nine different resolutions to print in.

Noticeable enhancement in the graphics and details of the label were seen as the printing resolution was increased, with 600×300 DPI resolution being the perfect-most one for QR codes.

You don’t have to be a tech-savvy person to be able to use this printer comfortably. Brother has made the installation process quite simple and quick.

You just have to connect the device to your computer through a USB cable and download the necessary drivers from Brother’s website. After that, the rest of the process will take place automatically.

We also loved the built-in label cutter that comes with the QL-810W. Just like the speed, it will save you a lot of time and energy; your QR code labels will cut automatically, and all you need to do is just stick them to your product.

While this small QR code printer works just fine wirelessly, we did not like the fact that it doesn’t support any Bluetooth or Ethernet connectivity, and poor network can hamper your printing process badly.


  • An incredible printing speed of 100 labels/minute
  • Can print in nine different resolutions
  • The simple installation process only requires printer to be connected to a computer
  • An automated built-in label cutter saves a lot of time and energy


  • No Bluetooth or Ethernet connectivity

2. PUQU Label Printer

Imagine creating a QR code in your phone and printing it instantly wherever you are- the PUQU label printer will deliver to you just that and more!

In contrast to our previous QL-810W label printer, this PUQU printer comes with high-end Bluetooth connectivity. As a result, you can quite conveniently print as many QR stickers as you want just by using your phone.

PUQU has programmed this QR code sticker printer with thermal printing technology.

This technology uses heat to fuse your QR code combination into the paper, ensuring clear and detailed printouts at impressive resolutions of 203DPI. You also won’t have any expenses in maintaining and replacing ink cartridges.

This machine prints at a rate of 10-35mm/s. While that might not seem like much, we were blown away by the portability features of this small QR code printer.

It’s so light you won’t even feel its weight while carrying it. Moreover, it comes with a rechargeable battery installed in the back.

A fully-charged battery will also last more than 100 days on standby, and unlike other portable label printers like the Brady BMP21, you won’t have to replace the batteries after a certain amount of usage.

Even though this Chinese device comes with impressive performance, we struggled to install and operate it using the Chinese instruction manual. But, you shouldn’t have any problems if you know your way with label printers.


  • Bluetooth connectivity makes changing between PC to phone and printing very easy
  • Works with an efficient printing speed of 70 labels/minute
  • A fully-charged rechargeable battery can last more than 100 days on standby
  • Thermal printing technology means no expenses are required in replacing the ink cartridge


  • The Chinese instruction manual can make installation and operation difficult for new users

3. DYMO LabelWriter 450 Thermal Label Printer

Our third choice for the best QR code printer is DYMO’s LabelWriter 450. DYMO has produced a few printers in this LabelWriter series, and we think the 450 will be just perfect for printing QR code stickers.

Similar to our PUQU QR printer above, the LabelWriter 450 also works with thermal technology but can print at much greater resolutions of 300DPI.

We loved the crisp quality of the printouts and the precision of details. Your QR codes will print out as perfectly as you’ve created them and cause no trouble scanning. Your expenses on ink cartridges will also reduce to zero.

The simplicity of the installation process has also caught our attention.

DYMO provides you with a CD for installation, so you don’t have to waste your time looking for driver files on the internet like you’d need to for the Brother QL-810W. Instead, inserting the CD and connecting the device to your computer via a USB cable is all you need to do to set it up!

However, this QR code label printer can’t work wirelessly. It doesn’t have any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity features, and you’ll always need to be connected to a computer, Windows, or Mac.

The LabelWriter 450 has impressive built-in drivers for word-processing and spreadsheet software.

You can easily print important text and your QR code in the labels with proper formatting, saving you a huge amount of label rolls and time.


  • Thermal technology produces crisp, clear, and precise QR code printouts.
  • Prints at a high resolution of 300DPI
  • The effortless installation process requires you to only insert the CD
  • Built-in drivers for word-processing software helps to print text and QR codes properly


  • It doesn’t work with any form of wireless connectivity

4. Perco Monarch 1131 Price Gun

As the name suggests, this device from Perco is slightly different from the usual label printers. Nevertheless, it’ll print your QR code stickers much better than a lot of label printers.

The Monarch 1131 comes with the usual gun structure; but, the trigger guard and the trigger are both designed ergonomically.

Printing large numbers of QR code stickers can understandably put a lot of strain on your hands. The ergonomic features will give you respite from a lot of pain.

This handheld QR code label printer weighs the lowest on our list. You can comfortably carry it around, and will give you a lot of flexibility while you work.

Furthermore, Perco leads the race in impressing us with its easy-to-understand instruction booklet and additional supplies.

It came with as many as 10000 pricing labels, ready to be installed and used. They also provided the tiny ink roller used for printing installed inside the device.

Even though they’re small in size, ink rollers can last a very long time and carry out a huge number of prints. They’re relatively inexpensive as well, so replacing them won’t be a huge burden to your budget.

Unfortunately, you need to custom print your QR code labels beforehand using another printer and then use the Monarch 1131 to put on the labels endlessly. It doesn’t support any form of wireless connectivity either.

You can also add other information, like dates, to your QR code stickers using this device.

We loved the fact that this price gun doesn’t require any form of power supply to work.

You don’t need to connect it to a power outlet or even recharge any battery like you’d need to for the DYMO LabelWriter 450 or the Brother QL-810W, and you can use it anywhere you like.


  • Ergonomic features prevent strain on hands after long hours of work
  • Lightweight and compact design lets you carry it around comfortably
  • It comes with 10000 labels and long-lasting ink roller installed inside
  • It doesn’t need power supply or batteries to work


  • QR code labels need to be printed beforehand using another printe

5. ROLLO Label Printer

The ROLLO label printer has made quite a name for itself by being every shipping manager’s best friend in the past few years! It’s very handy and easy to use and can work wonders for you as a QR code printer!

This QR code sticker printer works at an optimum level when printing labels of 4×6”. You can easily switch to labels of 1.57” width if you’re only printing QR codes.

The printer will automatically detect the type and size of the labels you load and print in those dimensions. So you don’t have to switch labels constantly for different-sized QR code stickers, like it’s needed for the Brother QL-810W.

Although it does support various versions of Windows and Mac, this label printer lacks wireless connectivity, too, like the LabelWriter 450.

The thermal technology in this QR printer works intelligently to produce high-quality labels at resolutions up to 203DPI, ensuring the combinations of the QR code can be detected properly by any scanner.

Moreover, similar to the QL-810W, you can adjust the settings and print in lower resolutions and faster speed if it fits your purpose.

The printer has a very swift and smooth working process. It’s also relatively quieter, and it’s so well constructed that it never jams!


  • Prints labels in a wide range of widths (1.57-4.1”) and unlimited heights
  • Automatically recognizes size and type of label and prints accordingly
  • Prints in various resolutions with a maximum of 203DPI
  • Rugged and intelligent internal construction ensures no paper jamming issues


  • Print speed needs to be decreased, and print density needs to be increased for higher-quality prints

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which Printer Can Print QR Codes?

All types of printers can print QR codes.

However, since QR codes need to be stuck to products, thermal label printers are the most efficient option for printing QR codes since you can directly print and stick them to your product.

Thermal label printers are better than inkjet and laser printers since they’re speedier, and there are zero expenses in replacing and managing ink cartridge or toner.

Which Is The Best Barcode Printer?

The best barcode printers are the ones that work with thermal technology (saving expenses in ink), are easily portable, and can print efficiently to enhance your productivity.

Printers like the Brother QL-810W, ROLLO label printer, DymoLabelWriter 450 are the best barcode printers.

What Is A QR Code Printer?

QR code printers, also known as Barcode printers, are small printing devices connected via USB cable to a computer. They are used for printing barcode or QR code labels and various types of tags and stuck on products and items to be shipped or sold.

Can Thermal Printers Print QR Codes?

Yes, thermal printers can print QR codes. These are the better type of printers for this job, compared to inkjet and laser printers.

How Do I Generate A QR Code?

  • Enter any QR code generator website. For example, you can look up “QR code generator” on Google and enter the first link.
  • Select the type of link you want to turn into a QR code, like your Facebook/Twitter page, a promotional SMS, etc. Then, for your website URL, click on “URL.”
  • Fill out the resulting drop-down column with proper information.
  • Select the type of frame, shape, color, and logo you want to use for your QR code. Different websites have a different set of options
  • Hit on the “Generate QR Code” and wait for a while.
  • Look below for the “Download” button and click on it to download your QR code as an image file.

How Do You Add A QR Code To A Document?

  • Generate your QR code using any QR code generator website and download it.
  • Open your document and move your cursor to the place where you want to add your QR code.
  • Navigate to “Insert” from the taskbar on top.
  • Click on “Pictures” and open your QR code image from the download directory.
  • Using the small circles in the corner of the image, resize and position your QR code according to your needs.


Finding the best QR code printer can be a difficult job given the huge number of label printers you can find in the market, more so printers. It’s hard to know which device will exactly fulfill your purpose.

After hours of extensive research on this topic, along with expert and professional opinions and reviews, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 best QR code sticker printers and reviewed them thoroughly ourselves!