Best Ricoh Laser Printer 2022

Ricoh is considered one of the best suppliers of laser printers out there for professional or casual endeavors alike. Well known for their reliability, performance, and cost-benefit ratio, Ricoh has managed to stay on top of the business. This is why most people tend to keep choosing printers from Ricoh.

Richo offers numerous printers for divergent chores and situations. Getting lost amongst the never-ending choices is easy if you try to buy a Ricoh laser printer.

This is why we have made a list of the most convenient laser printer models from Ricoh. Get your best Ricoh laser printer today!

Best Ricoh Laser Printer

Comparison Chart For Top 5 Ricoh Laser Printer

A quick rundown and comparison chart amongst all the Ricoh laser printers is discussed here.

IMAGE PRODUCT Printing TechnologyConnectivityPages per
Ricoh 407523 SP C250SF Color Laser MFPLaserWi-Fi, USB,
Ricoh Aficio Sp C320DNLaserWired, Ethernet18
Ricoh 407773 SP C440DN Color Laser PrinterLaserUSB, Ethernet42
Ricoh Aficio SP C431DN Color Laser PrinterLaserWired40
Ricoh Aficio SP 3510DN 28ppm Monochrome Laser PrinterLaserEthernet30

Key Considerations Before Choosing a Ricoh Laser Printer

Before choosing the perfect fit for your printing needs, why not go through the proper guidelines for buying a laser printer? You should know about a few criteria to consider to find the best Ricoh laser printer for you.

Color printer or Monochrome printer

Your foremost priority should be the types of documents you will print. Laser printers come in two basic types. Color laser printer or Monochrome laser printer. The one you need entirely depends on the documents you plan to print regularly.

A monochrome printer should suffice to mostly print vouchers, invoices, or various monochrome documents. No point in extending your budget to get a color laser printer.

On the other hand, if your main priority is colored documents or images, you need a color laser printer. A monochrome printer will not be worth a penny when printing a colored document.


The next thing you want to consider is the printer’s features.

A multipurpose printer, more commonly known as an All in One printer, can print, copy, and scan simultaneously. As functional as they are, the price does not come cheap. So, it depends on your specifications.

Get an All in One printer if you need to scan documents and files, make copies, and print documents. Other than that, a single-function printer is enough.

Some additional features to consider include printing from USB and cloud, encrypted security protocol, etc. It would help if you decided whether you want these features or not.

Handling Paper

Generally speaking, Ricoh laser printers handle papers of A4 size. Should you need to print A3 or other sized documents, you must find a model to handle custom paper sizes.

Another thing to remember is the paper material the printer can handle. Plain papers made in different weights and counted in GSM, hard stock papers, glossy papers, etc., are examples of some most commonly used paper types.

The tray capacity needs to be considered as it determines the ability to print continuously without any interference.

You have to get a printer with a larger tray capacity for offices and firms. Otherwise, frequent refilling will hamper work progress. For household purposes, a printer with a standard refilling tray is enough.

Toner Cost

Printers run on toner or ink. These are consumable items and need to be replenished. Some printers consume more ink and toner than others. While they offer a high-quality print, the overall cost is increased significantly.


It is better to get a printer with multiple alternative connectivities. This way, you can make sure that your printer is always available.

The most standard platform is, of course, ethernet. Using the ethernet cable, you can connect all your computers to a single printer using a network router. It is the most efficient system for office work.

For household uses, you should probably get a printer with Wi-Fi support. Stray cables ruin your home’s looks and are unsafe for children.

5 Best Ricoh Laser Printer Reviews

We have compiled the best Ricoh laser printers available on the market based on their affordability, performance, and functionality. Go through these and find the perfect suit for your needs!

1. Ricoh 407523 SC250SF

Making its way to the top of our list, the Ricoh 407523 SP C250SF Color laser printer boasts extreme performance, cost efficiency, and productivity. Blazing fast printing speed and glaring print quality make this machine the unparalleled contender for the best overall title.

Enjoy the superb performance with the Ricoh 407523 SP C250SF that features a processor featuring a max 400 Mhz clock speed and 256 MB RAM. This printer can process even the most complicated data chain documents with ease.

Printing up to 21 pages per minute, the Ricoh 407523 SP C250SF can power through piles of papers in a flash. The exquisite printing quality of 2400×600 DPI will amaze you. The crystal clear and super detailed printing quality is bound to blow away your mind.

Print plain papers sized max at 8.5″ x 14″ along with other weight variants seamlessly. High-quality toner AIO and duplex printing methods ensure cost-efficient printing output. The large 250-sheet paper tray with a 35 sheet auto feeder handles the refill papers for you.

For connectivity options, you will be getting USB, ethernet, and wireless choices. How convenient! No documents will be left behind with all these connectivity options. Print large samples of papers with a single click.

Overall, the Ricoh 407523 SP C250SF Color laser printer can be considered an all-rounder. Featuring fast printing speed, fantastic performance, printing efficiency, and great affordability, the Ricoh 407523 SP C250SF Color laser printer can easily be crowned as the perfect fit for all situations.


  • High-quality printing output
  • Efficient and low cost per page
  • Easy to operate
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Large 250 sheet paper tray and 35 sheet auto feeder


  • Too heavy and oversized for home usage
  • Power consumption is incredibly huge

2. Ricoh Aficio Sp C320DN   

Running out of space? Afraid of getting a printer due to insufficient technical knowledge?

Fret not! The Ricoh Aficio C320DN is here to save the day. This compact yet powerful printer will meet all your expectations while keeping low maintenance needs.

The Ricoh 407523 SP C250SF Color laser printer can handle a wide range of printing media from plain paper to cardstock, labels, envelopes, etc. This multifunctionality allows you to print without any limitations.

The print quality is excellent and does a great job maintaining low cost. One of the most prime aspects of the Ricoh 407523 SP C250SF Color laser printer is the simplicity of installation and usage. Even the most novice people can easily maintain this printer. Refilling and restocking are straightforward.

If you are looking for a basic color laser printer with outstanding performance, the Ricoh 407523 SP C250SF Color laser printer is a suitable option. It requires minimal maintenance yet delivers an excellent printing experience.


  • Compact size for fitting into small spaces
  • Moderate printing performance
  • Low maintenance
  • Economical


  • Slow printing speed
  • Can not process large volumes of documents

3. Ricoh 407773 SP C440DN

Need the flexibility to print multitudes of documents from postcards to envelopes? Then Ricoh 407773 SP C440DN is the printer for you. It boasts exceptional speed while maintaining excellent print quality.

The Ricoh 407773 SP C440DN supports automatic duplex printing eliminating the need to re-run the paper through for a second time manually.

Having a blistering speed capable of printing up to 42 ppm saves a lot of time in high-volume printing. The large 3200 paper capacity is very convenient and reduces the need to refill it frequently.

Even with such speed, this printer is a slacker regarding printing quality. The printer is capable of a max print resolution of 1200×1200. This allows you to print out crisp and detailed pictures. It comes with a monochrome 4- line LCD to ensure outstanding performance.

A USB 2.0 and Ethernet port provide easy connectivity with your network. It comes with a USB host port for connecting no portable drives. Also has two sd card slots.

All this makes sure you can transfer documents quickly and easily for printing. Now, if you want to store a large number of these documents on the printer, then the optional 320 GB hard disk is sure to come in handy.

The Ricoh 407773 SP C440DN printer also has security measures to protect the documents stored in it. A 533 Mhz processor and 1 GB of ram quickly work complicated high-volume printing jobs. It is durable and able to handle 150,000-page duty cycles per month.

Overall, Ricoh 407773 SP C440DN is an excellent choice for businesses and offices.


  • Versatile printing capabilities
  • Exceptional printing speed of 42 pages per minute
  • Incredible operating method
  • Wide range of connectivity options
  • Encrypted security protocol


  • Not useful for household purposes

4. Ricoh Alficio C431DN

Ricoh Alficio C431DN offers excellent quality, speed, and exceptional reliability. This printer can also handle media of varying sizes and thicknesses. With its affordable pricing, this is definitely a worthwhile purchase.

Ricoh Alficio C431DN has a printing speed of up to 40 pages per minute. This incredible speed allows it to chew through large printing jobs quickly.

It can handle  A4, A5, A6, and B4 sizes of various media. From coated, recycled, pre-printed to plain paper, even envelopes, labels, or transparencies, this can print on them all while giving excellent results. The automatic duplex feature can help cut costs on paper.

With a 600 MHZ processor, this printer makes short work of any printing task assigned, no matter how complex. It has a built-in hard disk with a maximum storage of 768 MB allowing documents and projects to be stored directly to the printer. 

For commonly printed copies, this results in more convenience. The C431DN comes with security measures so that you can take full advantage of this added convenience without worrying about data thefts or leaks.

Being able to connect to Ethernet, Wireless LAN allows for direct printing from far away terminals. This allows for more utility in business and office environments.

With four cartridges of ink, you won’t stop printing anytime soon. The monthly duty cycle for this printer is 150,000 pages which should suffice for all but the busiest workplaces. Regarding page description languages, it supports Microsoft XPL, Postscript 3, PCL5c, and PCL 6.

All in all, Ricoh Alficio C431DN is a comprehensive printing solution suitable for a variety of different jobs.


  • Handy for exceptional printing needs
  • Premium printing quality
  • Swift performance with up to 40 pages per minute printing speed
  • Heavy-duty printing cycle
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Broad range support of PDL or page description language


  • Unfit for casual usage
  • High printing cost

5. Ricoh Aficio SP 3510DN

Another superb home printer from Ricoh is the Ricoh Aficio SP 3510DN.

Perfect for home and office usage, this compact printer can fit even in the most unusual places. Excellent for fast yet low-cost printing, the Ricoh Aficio SP 3510DN will not disappoint you in your printing endeavors.

Weighing at only 32.5 pounds, the Ricoh Aficio SP 3510DN can be an excellent choice for home and office alike. If you have a problem with spaces, this printer is your answer.

A moderate 30 pages per minute printing speed saves you a lot of time. The inherent auto-document feeder manages the papers for you and increases work efficiency by a mile.

This Ricoh Aficio SP 3510DN printer works best with plain papers as it is intended for monochrome document printing. The 250 sheet paper tray reduces the need to refill the paper tray and boosts workflow.

Quoting about efficiency, the auto duplex printing method cuts your printing costs by printing both sides of the paper. Moreover, you will be provided with a 1500 page yield AIO toner powder cartridge with the printer.

As for the connectivity, Ricoh Aficio SP 3510DN provides both USB and ethernet support. Pick a USB stick and print your documents without any sweat. Coupling the printer with the office computer network will allow all your workers to conveniently utilize their printing jobs.

Considering monochrome document printing, the Ricoh Aficio SP 3510DN is the best printer within a short budget. If you prioritize black and white printing, you should try it. Ensuring fast, reliable, high-quality printing, the Ricoh Aficio SP 3510DN can be your suitable companion.


  • Great black and white printing
  • Fast printing speed of 30 ppm
  • Duplex printing method for efficient page management
  • Both USB and ethernet options for connectivity


  • Can not print colored copies

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Ricoh Printers Any Good?

Ricoh is a world-known printer, photocopier, fax machine manufacturer. They have dominated the electronics market for over eight decades with utmost sincerity and reliability. The customer satisfaction level and reviews of Ricoh are outstanding. You can put your trust in Ricoh without any doubt.

2. Is Ricoh Inkjet Or Laser?

Ricoh manufactures both inkjet and laser printers. They release the latest and modern inkjet and laser printers each year. The build quality and functionality of these printers are superb.

3. Is Ricoh A Japanese Company?

Ricoh is a Japan-based multinational electronics and imaging company. Founded in 1936, Ricoh is the pioneer of worldwide imaging technology. The headquarters of Ricoh is situated in Tokyo, Japan.

4. Which Is Better, Ricoh Or Kyocera?

Ricoh and Kyocera are two top production houses of office equipment. Both provide extraordinary machines and service, but Kyocera can be considered more premium and costly than Ricoh. Hence, Ricoh is better for budget-friendly consumers.

5. How Do You Refill A Ricoh Printer Cartridge?

Refilling a Ricoh printer cartridge is an effortless task. Follow these steps to refill your Ricoh printer cartridge:

  1. Open the cap of the cartridge bottle.
  2. Now you have to attach the nozzle that comes with the cartridge bottle.
  3. Check your printer’s refill nozzle and open it.
  4. Now press the bottle gently and squeeze it to refill the cartridge.

6. Does Ricoh Make Home Printers?

Ricoh makes excellent home printers. These compact home printers take up less space and are pretty desk-friendly.


Whether you need a printer for your home or office, Ricoh will always be the best choice. Known for their great productivity, affordability, and convenience, Ricoh always satisfies their customers.

Among the numerous Ricoh laser printer models, choosing the appropriate suit for you is not an easy job. Why do tiring homework and go through countless product reviews when we have got a perfect compilation of the best Ricoh laser printer here? We would be more than happy if our findings and opinions helped you decide on a printer!