Best Scrapbooking Paper 2022

As several Instagram accounts, blog websites, and YouTube channels are dedicated to crafting, scrapbooking has gained an insane amount of popularity. In an extremely fancy and appealing manner, people are allowed to document their feelings and record their memories.

Besides being attractive to look at, scrapbooking also stands out as a fun activity involving colorful pages, photographs, markers, and printouts. All the pastings and cuttings combine to create a thrilling journey for all interested scrapers.

Do you want to keep accounts of your day in a tasteful manner?

If yes, start composing a scrapbook of your own! We promise to introduce you to the best scrapbooking papers available in the market!

Comparison Chart For Top 6 Scrapbooking Paper

IMAGE PRODUCT Paper DimensionsPaper DesignPaper Weightprice
Colorbok Designer Paper Pad12 x 12 x 0.25 inchesMulticolored Patterns10.4 ounces
(per 50 sheets)
Designer Paper Made for Plaid12 x 12 x 0.25 inchesPlaid Patterns10.4 ounces
(per 50 sheets)
Martha Stewart Paper Pad Tablette Papier12 x 12 x 0.45 inchesHoliday Décor Themed Patterns1.94 pounds
(per 48 sheets)
Teacher Created Resources Chic Scrapbook Project Paper Pad12 x 12 x 0.38 inchesFarmhouse Texture Themed Patterns1.6 ounces
(per 80 sheets)
Scrapbook Customs Themed Paper Scrapbook Kit12 x 12 x 0.2 inchesBurlap and Lace Themed Patterns6.7 ounces
(per 12 sheets)
Desecraft Designer Pad Multi-colored and Foil Decorative Paper5.9 x 5.9 x 0.2 inchesMulticolored Designs with Gold-foiled Patterns3 ounces
(per 24 sheets)

What Is The Difference Between The Cardstock And Scrapbooking Paper?

Cardstock papers are known for being extremely thick and heavy. They come in various colors, sizes, thicknesses, and textures depending on the type you choose to purchase. Most of the time, cardstock papers will not have patterns or designs drawn on their surface. Instead, they will have one solid color which is present on both sides of each sheet. Sometimes, they will seem like wooden pieces or have leafy grains on their surface due to engravings made on their bodies.

On the other hand, scrapbooking paper comes with various patterns etched on one side of the sheet. The other side is usually left blank as it is meant to be pasted onto scrapbooks or journals. Such papers regularly come out in two dimensions – 6 x 6 inches and 12 x 12 inches. Other rarely found sizes include 8 x 8 inches, 6 x 8 inches, 6 x 12 inches, or 8.5 x 11 inches.

Scrapbooking papers are not as thick as cardstock paper and usually weigh between 60 to 65 pounds. However, they can be easily printed upon as rolling them in is not tough. Many of them also come in pads, which you can tear off per need.

How Do I Choose Scrapbook Paper?

Picking out the best scrapbooking paper is not going to take much of your time as long as you know what to look for! So, here are some things you need to do to find yourself the ideal one:

  1. Select a theme: Start by thinking about what you wish to put within your scrapbook. Then pick a theme that resonates with the emotions you wish for your scrapbook to depict. Next, base your scrapbook paper’s pattern within that theme, and you can also buy a themed paper pad to make your task easier. Example: Use scrapbook papers that show patterns of reindeers, snowflakes, Christmas trees, lights, etc., for a scrapbook that is meant to hold memories of your holidays.
  2. Choose colors: It is always best to select a color tone for your book. This will assist you while hand-picking the papers since the options will be minimized. If you wish for your scrapbook to give off vintage vibes, black, grey, and brown will be the ideal shades to work with. Kids might prefer rainbow or pastel shades.
  3. Experiment: Several companies keep working to produce uniquely designed and built papers these days. Needless to say, some are successful while others are not. Trying out many types and brands will help you figure out which company provides a quality that is suitable for you and your scrapbook. You will also notice that some papers are better for printing while others are primarily designed for cutting and pasting.
  4. Background: Scrapbooking papers are frequently used to create a fun background for photos or texts. However, make sure that it does not steal all the attention from your work. Instead, let your images, drawings, or writings by the original star of your scrapbook by selecting a scrapbook paper whose design does not pop out and distract.
  5. Selecting a size: Usually, scrapbooking papers will have a dimension of 12 x 12 inches. Nevertheless, some can be found in smaller sizes to accommodate other-sized scrapbooks. So, take some time to find sheets whose measurements will properly fit your needs.

While shopping for scrapbook papers, if you keep these factors in mind, you will be able to pick the right kind in a jiffy!

6 Best Scrapbooking Paper Reviews

Before shopping, it is always nice to have a little review of every product. What’s also helpful is a small evaluation between their benefits and drawbacks. So, with that thought kept in mind, we hope to give you our honest thoughts on the items. Then, scheme through them learn all you need to know about each of the scrapbook papers!

1. Colorbok Designer Paper Pad

Looking for an outstanding scrapbooking paper that will perfectly store your photos and memories?

The Colorbok Designer paper pad will cater to all your crafting needs in a flamboyant platter! Each of the paper pads is filled with uniquely designed scrapbooking papers that can be used for providing backgrounds. All the intricately designed patterns are drawn in light colors for the user’s convenience. Onlookers will hence, not be distracted by it and can instead, focus on the attached images or texts that are meant to hold messages.

While sharing their crafting journey, customers were quick to praise the scrapbooking paper’s versatility. They could make cards, envelopes, and décor with leftover pieces, leaving an extremely efficient image.


  • Fifty sheets do not run out quickly.
  • As it is budget-friendly, people can decorate to their heart’s contents.
  • The paper is durable and can thus, last for a long time.


  • Only one side has prints while the other is left blank.

2. Designer Paper Mad for Plaid

Unlike the previously mentioned scrapbooking paper, the Designer Paper Mad for Plaid comes in vibrant and dark shades. Some of the prints are suitable for vintage-themed scrapbooks but most will match with dark or autumn storied ones.

Users are presented with 25 different patterns that all shine on their own. Two pieces of each design are available, summing up to give fifty sheets for you to get innovative with. Only one side of each sheet is printed upon so they are ideal for pasting on as a plaid background.

The designer Paper Mad for Plaid does not disappoint when it comes to durability. They have a tough build which allows them to provide a supportive backing for all pastings. Tears and creases are also successfully averted at all times.


  • Plaid patterns give off an eccentric and special look to your scrapbook.
  • Paper’s thickness adds strength to your scrapbook’s pages.
  • Cards and envelopes can also be made out of this.


  • Customers are, at times, presented with other designs.

3. Martha Stewart Paper Pad Tablette Papier

In contrast to the aforementioned scrapbooking papers, the Martha Stewart Paper Pad holds 48 single-sided sheets. 12 designs are present – all of which seem to hold the most delicate features and tone. Pastel colors are mostly concentrated on the patterns meaning that they are unlikely to grab all the attention from your work. Some of the sheets also house metallic silver strokes between designs – a feature that none of the other options possess.

As all the designs on the paper pad hold a festive touch, the Martha Stewart Tablette Papier is the ideal choice for all scrapbooks that hold a holiday theme. You can also utilize the pieces to make cards and or invites for Christmas parties.


  • As they aren’t flashy, you can easily paste all images on them.
  • Tiny patterns do not distract onlookers from your work.
  • Thick construction prevents them from getting frayed.


  • They only seem to be suitable for scrapbooks that hold holiday-based images.

4. Teacher Created Resources Chic Scrapbook Project Paper Pad

Teacher Created Resources Store has gone out of its way while constructing this paper pad which is composed of 80 sheets. Hence, the paper pad accommodates the highest number of pages in the entire list, making it ideal for those who engage in crafting tasks on a daily basis.

Overall, the pad comprises 20 designs – each of these take up 4 sheets mostly centered around farmhouse textures. You can use them to give your scrapbook’s pages different types of wooden backgrounds that are pleasing to look at.

Customers of the Teacher Created Resources Chic Paper Pad have praised it for its superior quality. The pages are free of any and all traces of acid, indicating that they are unlikely to fade. Tearing is also decreased due to the build.


  • A huge number of pages makes sure you never run out of paper quickly.
  • Light-toned papers do not divert attention from your work.
  • The paper pad is budget-friendly.


  • Less number of designs in comparison to others.

5. Scrapbook Customs Themed Paper Scrapbook Kit

Do you want to add an elegant feel to your scrapbook?

If yes, the Scrapbook Customs Themed Paper Scrapbook Kit is exactly what you are looking for! With light and lacy designs splattered all over the pages in whites, it is capable of being a commendable background. In addition, mauve, blue, blush, mint, and navy shades fill up the color scheme, making it perfect for a vintage, pale, or pastel-themed scrapbooks.

In case you are stressing out about quality, trust me when I say that you don’t have to. With a formula that is completely free of acid and lignin, all the papers found in the kit manage to last for decades without losing their shine.


  • A unique theme makes it special.
  • Cards and incites can also be made.
  • You can easily make prints on paper.


  • Both sides are printed with different patterns so people have to choose one.

6. Desecraft Designer Pad Multi-colored and Foil Decorative Paper

When in search of classy backgrounds for your scrapbook, the Desecraft Designer Pad is the right way to go! Pastel colors and gold foils tangle to unwind breathtaking results, which are loved by all. However, you do not need to worry about them taking away the charm of your work either – all thanks to the light tones.

As opposed to all the other options on the list, these scrapbooking papers come in a size of 5.9 x 5.9 inches. 24 sheets are available and 8 designs are distributed amongst them to provide scrapbooking papers which can serve as backgrounds of photos. A weight of 120 gsm gives the sheets a sturdy build and assists in maintaining the state of your work for years onward.


  • The cardstock-like build makes it strong and long-lasting.
  • The patterns allow it to be suitable for several themes.
  • Gold-foiled designs add stylish touches to your scrapbook.


  • Size may seem too small to most people.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Paper Is Good For Scrapbooking?

One of the most popular choices for scrapbooking is 12 x 12 inches acid-free cardstock paper. These are frequently appreciated due to their rigid build, which makes them extremely durable. Pictures or texts pasted onto the surface can therefore be stored for a long time.

Acid-free cardstock paper is available in a wide range of colors and finishes. You can easily pair it up with your theme and utilize it to create backgrounds or pages. Besides that, the stiff texture allows ink to be nicely laid on it. This means that superior quality prints can be received.

What GSM Paper Is Best For Scrapbooking?

300 gsm papers are said to be the best option for scrapbooking. This means that they will weigh around 80 to 85 lbs and have a thick build. Such papers are very tough and, thus, are resistant to tearing and creasing. This helps crafters preserve the hours of hard work spent on scrapbooking for years onward. Memories and photographs can also be kept in good condition so that they can be viewed in the future.

What GSM Is Scrapbooking Cardstock?

Scrapbooking cardstock is usually 216 gsm. They are thick and extremely heavy like business cards meaning that they are ideal for backgrounds. You can paste pictures or pieces of writing on their surface and owing to the tough backing, they will last for a long time. As such, cardstocks are very tough, you can also make amazing prints on their surface. Every shade of color seems to stand out exceptionally on the paper’s body.

What Size Scrapbook Is Best?

12 x 12 inches scrapbook papers are the most commonly used type. Scrapbooks usually come with similar dimensions meaning one such paper can be used to design the background for an entire page. Crafters can also get cutouts from them and have leftover pieces of scrapbook paper for later usage.

People who make scrapbooks similar to photo albums tend to use 6 x 6 inch scrapbook paper. These are not found in all stationery stores unlike the 12 x 12 inch ones and they tend to last for a shorter period of time due to the small size.

What Is The Best Weight For Scrapbook Paper?

The best and most ideal scrapbook papers will weigh somewhere between 80 to 85 lbs. This makes them heavy enough to combat tears or creases that might ruin your scrapbook look. They are also strong enough to conserve the state of your photographs or memories so that view them again in the future. Finally, when these papers are used for making the background of your scrapbook, they add to the page’s overall strength.

Can You Use Construction Paper For Scrapbooking?

Construction papers can be effortlessly found in stores at a very low price. They also come in thousands of colors, giving the illusion that they are the perfect option for scrapbooking. However, that is not the case. As construction papers have a high acid content, they are very likely to fade over time. They are also much more prone to tearing meaning that they will not conserve your hard work for a long time. Instead, you can use them to let your kids work on a scrapbook that consists of their crafts.


We have listed some of the best scrapbooking papers so feel free to make your pick! An elaborate review for each has been presented along with pros and cons to help you identify what each of the products brings to the table. Take some time to thoroughly read through everything and choose one that compliments your scrapbook extremely well. While purchasing, do not forget to keep your theme, color tone, and intent in mind.

Have a fun time crafting out your moments using your scrapbook paper!