Best Welding Marker 2022

Cutting or welding stuff becomes a lot easier when the marks you make are highly visible. Even if they are exposed to heat, you should be able to see them from the hood. These marks can be made when you have the best welding marker at hand.

These markers must have some qualities that make them ideal for metals. They need to be super visible, long-lasting, easy to use, mess-free, and able to withstand extreme temperatures.

We have welded some markers together that have all or most of these qualities.

The types will be different but all of them have the same purpose. And that is to help you with your welding job efficiently.

Best Welding Marker

Comparison Chart For Top 5 Welding Markers

IMAGE PRODUCT Pack OfInk TypeSpecial Featureprice
Sharpie 39109PP4Alcohol-BasedQuick drying
RevMark Bright Series6Water-BasedSmooth application
Lesun White Paint ACS00112Oil-BasedStays locked into the surface
Dixon Industrial 8022912Oil-BasedNeat marking
Markal Silver Streak 960061Lead-BasedVisible while burning

What is A Welding Marker & How Does It Work?

Welding marker is a special kind of marker that works excellent on metals. Doesn’t matter if the surface is smooth, rough, rusty, dirty, oily, glossy, or wet, the marks would stay there permanently.

Typically, these markers are highly visible even when you check through the welding hood. Many of them also illuminate to make the visibility higher. They don’t come off easily and can be resistant to extreme heat and water. However, some markers can be wiped with a damp cloth.

Different welding markers work differently. We have discussed them below-

  • Oil-Based

The oil-based marker needs to be activated at first since it has a thicker ink. For this, you have to uncap the marker, hold it upright and then press the finger down on the tip so that the air comes out. Cap it again and then shake for some time. After that, uncap again and press the tip on a paper. The ink should start flowing. If it doesn’t, then repeat the steps.

Make sure to wait for a couple of minutes to dry the marks. This way, they would get sealed and wouldn’t smudge.

  • Alcohol And Water-Based

These markers don’t need shaking to activate them. You can start marking with one right after uncapping it. However, sometimes it may need shaking if the ink doesn’t flow well. Other than that, both are super-easy to apply.

5 Best Welding Marker Reviews

1. Sharpie 39109PP | Best Markers For Metal

Simply uncap and let the ink flow on different surfaces. That’s what Sharpie 39109PP. You don’t need to shake or pump it which makes the marker very easy to use.

The colors it comes in are pigmented and look super visible when applied over metals for labeling. Since this is an alcohol-based marker, you would find the color quality high no matter if you’re using it on a light or dark surface.

This collection mainly features 4 silver markers. But you will find other collections from the same model. It’s available in silver, gold, and bronze where each can come in assorted or individual sets. You can also find red, green, and blue in assorted collections. All of them are metallic and beautiful.

One big plus of the marker is that it dries quickly on the surface. So, you don’t have to wait for welding the metals. The marker is not messy and the marks look well-detailed.

Note that the tip produces slightly thicker lines than the thinner. So, it’s not a fine point rather a medium-fine point. Thus, make sure the advertisement doesn’t confuse you. If you’re okay with the bolder tip, then this would be one of the most useful welding marking tools for you.


  • Look very visible on different metals.
  • Dries on the surface super quickly.
  • Doesn’t produce messy lines.
  • Very well-detailed and beautiful.
  • Available in different colors and collections.


  • Tip is slightly thicker than what has been advertised.

2. RevMark Bright Series

As the name implies, this series by Revmark is super bright. You will get 6 pieces from the set coming in either orange or yellow. Doesn’t matter which one you pick, both the colors look vibrant neon on dark metal surfaces. You can also get to see them through the hood. That’s the specialty of this marker.

It has water-based ink that flows the color very smoothly. You may not even need to shake to do that. Neither the marks will make a mess nor bleed much. There might be tiny streakiness but that shouldn’t concern you if it’s for marking the metals for welding. And it’s actually normal when it comes to water-based markers.

One amazing factor is that the lines look fine and beautiful when marked on metal. They are thin but well-detailed. Not just that, the lines are pretty much solid.

The marks dry fast on the surface which means you can quickly get to start working. Because of the visibility, you would be able to cut or weld metals following the marks with ease.

You would also find the marker long-lasting. So, if you’re looking for a marker to use heavily, this would be an ideal pick. It promises not to dry out fast.


  • Ink flows smoothly making it very easy to apply.
  • Looks vibrant neon and is visible on dark surfaces.
  • Dries pretty fast after the application.
  • Very fine and well-detailed.
  • Neither it makes a mess nor bleeds.


  • Tiny streakiness.

3. Lesun White Paint ACS001 | Welding and Metal Working Markers

These are very high-quality odorless white paint pens. As you mark the steel with it, you would get that solid feel after application. Coming in white, the marks look very opaque and visible making the marker worth buying.

The marker is super easy to use. It has oil-based ink that is free of all the toxins, xylene, and acid. So, it won’t react with metal at all. The ink applies super smooth. You just have to shake it well and press the tip to let the ink flow.

There will be 12 markers in the set. All of them have a thickness of 2mm. Thus, the lines will be pretty thin but well-detailed and free of streaks. So, if you want to cut the steel precisely following the marks, this would be fantastic for you.

The best part is that it’s long-lasting, fade-resistant, and water-resistant. If you try to scratch across the marks, it will be super hard to come off. This is a big benefit especially when you want the marks to stay even when cutting or welding.

It takes a few seconds to dry so it wouldn’t hamper your working progression. Plus, it doesn’t dry out quickly which means you can use it for a longer period without worrying about that.


  • Marks are long-lasting and hard to come off.
  • Resistant to fading and water.
  • Odorless and free of different toxins.
  • Lines look well-detailed and streak-free.
  • Quick-drying but doesn’t dry out quick


  • Have to shake every time to let the ink flow.

4. Dixon Industrial 80229

If you want to mark the steel with a bold marker, then consider having this one from Dixon. The tip of this marker is medium-fine making sure the marks look slightly thick and precise.

You would get the same feeling from the quality of the ink. The white looks super bright, especially on dark metal surfaces. So, you wouldn’t have a hard time cutting or welding the metal while following the marks.

The ink flows super smooth as it’s an oil-based model. Hence it would be very easy to apply. Plus, the marker wouldn’t give you any bleeding or streaking issue.

The performance of Dixon marker is impressive. It doesn’t come off if you try to scratch across. You will also find it resistant to fading. So, this is an incredible metal marker white marker.

You will get 12 pieces in the set. They are all waterproof so you would find the inks durable. A tiny gripe is that the marker may dry out within months. But good news is that you will have a bunch of them. However, in case you’re looking for one that will last longer, then you can check out this set by Lesun.


  • Marks look thick and precise.
  • Appears super bright white on dark surfaces.
  • No mess, bleeding, or streaking.
  • Very easy to apply.
  • Dries on the surface quickly.


  • May dry out within months.

5. Markal 96006 | Best Markers And Pencils For Marking Steel

This isn’t really a marker but a metal marking pencil by Markal. Even being a lead-based pencil, you can use it for welding, building, or repairing construction, as well as for metal or bridge fabrication. It’s very easy to mark the metals with it.

Coming in silver, this welders pencil looks super illuminated on surfaces like steel, iron, and aluminum. You would also find the marks visible when applying heat to the metals.

The point is fine, hence the lines would appear sharp and bold. There wouldn’t be any mess or bleed issue. If you’re looking for a tool to mark dirty, oily, or rusty metals, it would be an amazing pencil-like marker to seal the markings on them.

The marks wouldn’t come off easily when rubbed, burned, or blown off the metal surface. It wouldn’t wipe off in case you rub your fingers on the markings by mistake. So, the pencil is quite long-lasting.

One big plus is that it includes a built-in sharpener in the cap letting you make the point tip sharp again if it gets blunt. A small hassle is that you have to re-sharpen it quite often. But, that’s normal for the pencils. In case you hate that, you have options to opt for other markers that don’t require sharpening.


  • Visible when cutting or welding.
  • Marks look sharp, bold, and free of streaks.
  • Ideal for dirty, oily, and rusty steel.
  • Would come off easily.
  • Includes built-in sharpener.


  • Requires frequent re-sharpening.

Why Do You Need Paint Marker Pens for Metal?

There are a few reasons why you need a paint marker pen for metals. Let’s highlight them here.

  • They are cheaper than other marking tools or methods.
  • Flow the ink easily and consistently so it’s easy to use.
  • Create permanent marking. So, it will be there when you cut or weld the metal.
  • Markings remain highly visible on metal when burning.
  • Dry very quickly after application.
  • They have different color and size options for labeling.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do You Mark Steel Permanently?

There are many ways to do that. We’ve discussed the ways below-

  • Permanent Markers

Some markers have been specially designed for metals and they are cheaper ways to mark the steel. Typically, there are 3 kinds of inks that are used for such markers- Alcohol, water, and oil-based inks. Among them, oil-based tends to remain permanently. They are very thick, pigmented, and super tough to come off.

Make sure the markers are water-resistant, fade-resistant, and weatherproof. These characteristics help prevent smears and damages on metals while keeping the marks or labels on the steel intact.

  • Laser

Laser is ideal for stuff like logos and serial numbers. It comes with expensive machinery that you can incorporate into the manufacturing process. Laser method is more perfect for pro welders than ones doing a DIY project.

It doesn’t wear out which means the marking will stay permanent. The engraving it creates on steel is quite deep. If you want to mark the cutting or welding measurements, this would be excellent for you.

  • Paint

Another effective way to mark the steel permanently. It’s slightly pricier than marker but cheaper than laser. The paint doesn’t melt, change color or disappear when it’s exposed to higher heat. Plus, the lines by the paint seem to light up even with the hood on making it easier to see them.

2. What Do You Mark Steel With?

Marking steel with welders pencil or marker would be the most ideal, convenient, effective, and easiest way. It stays visible when you cut or weld the steel. Not just that, these tools come in a cheaper range than other methods like laser or letter punch.

3. What Do Welders Write On Metal With?

Tools such as welders pencil, pen, and marker are efficient enough for writing on metal with. Especially the marker one.

Usually, it’s designed to be free of toxins and chloride so that the marks don’t react or turn the color different when applied over metal. You would also find the lines very bright and visible letting you work on them with ease.

4. Which Is Used As Welder’s Pencil?

Markal Silver Streak 96006 can be an excellent product to be used as welders pencil. The marks it makes are super visible so that you can do the cutting or welding job with ease. Even if the metal is oily, wet, or rusty, the marks will be unaffected.

5. Will Sharpie Marker Stay On Metal?

Yes. Sharpie marker like 39109PP tends to stay on metal. Coming with alcohol-based ink, it’s resistant to fading, smearing, and water that proves its ability to last almost permanently. Plus, the marker doesn’t have any toxin that can react with metal or heat.

6. Why Do Welders Use Soapstone?

Obviously to mark out stuff! Let’s explain in detail.

  • It helps create temporary markings on different metal surfaces. Hence, it’s commonly used in different welding applications.
  • It doesn’t burn when exposed to extreme temperatures and works to avoid deformation making it a reliable tool to use.
  • You can also write with soapstone on metals apart from marking them. It’s pretty easy to use.

7. What Is Welding Chalk?

Welding chalk is made of pyrophyllite soapstone that’s used to mark the metals for gas or plasma cutting. It’s usually flat and easy to use. Although the markings are temporary, they can withstand water and high heat to a great extent.

8. How Do You Seal Permanent Marker On Metal?

Well, you can try two methods to seal a permanent marker on metal.

1. Sanding The Area

It’s pretty hard to make the marks permanent on a smooth surface. Ink holds very well on rough textures so you either have to engrave the metal or you can sand it. The latter is super easy. You just have to use aluminum oxide sandpaper to sand the area that you’d like to mark on. It will help seal the marking.

2. Using A Protective Layer

You may not always like to have a rough surface on metal. In that case, you can seal the permanent marker on metal by using a clear coat of polyurethane. It will help in adding a protective layer.

Final Words

The best welding marker should provide you with all the advantages so that you can conveniently weld or cut the metals. All the marks should be visible and remain unaffected when you apply heat to them.

Just make sure the marker is compatible with metal surfaces. You would find a lot of models that vary in types, colors, and tip designs. Thus, pick the one that meets your requirements actually.