How To Print On Index Card HP Printer

Printing on a range of types and sizes is difficult using a single printer, but if you think it’s impossible to do so, you are wrong. HP printers are capable enough to print on papers of different sizes, and no wonder it is one of the best printers to print on index papers just by following a few simple steps.

Step 1:

Index cards are much thicker than regular paper, so the first thing you have to do is check your HP printer’s specification to make sure it is capable of printing such thick index cards. Printing too thick cards will damage your printer.

How To Print On Index Card HP Printer

Step 2:

There are two trays in your HP printer, input and output tray. First, make sure to remove all the papers from your trays. Now remove the output tray that lies on the top of the printer and place the index cards you want to print on the lower tray or the input tray of the printer. The number of cards you can print at a time depends on the size of the input tray. So place as many cards as possible on this tray.

Step 3:

The input tray of the printer has a width and length adjuster. The width adjuster helps align your index cards to the right side of the HP printer; the width adjuster will help to align every time to match the size of the cards.

The length adjuster is used to align the length of the input tray. Move the adjuster carefully in the direction of your index card, and the length adjuster will touch the top of the index card.

Step 4:

After correctly following these steps, keep the output tray back in its place.

Step 5:

Firstly, it’s time to change the print settings. So go to your computer and click “Start” and then “settings” and select “Printers”.

Secondly, choose “Properties,” then click on either the “Paper” or “Set Up” option. A lot of paper options will be available to you; select the paper option that is perfectly suitable for the size of your index cards.

Lastly, click “OK” when the appropriate index card is selected.

Step 6:

The final stage is to open the document you want to print and start printing on your index cards.


I know you are wondering that how it is that simple to print on index cards. It’s very easy when you have the HP printer and you follow these simple steps. Just focus on correctly aligning the index cards with your length and width adjuster and ensure that your print setting is perfectly adjusted depending on the print media you are using.


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