Different Type Of Photo Printers

Professional printing is possible with three types of printers – inkjet, laser, and dye sublimation. Inkjet printer is best for printing photos at home or office use.

Black Ink Only Printer

Printing only documents at your home or office can put a toll on the color cartridges. Instead, opt for a black ink-only printer for significant savings on ink consumption.

Printer For Hydrographic Film

You can choose dye sublimation or latex printers for Hydrographic printing. UV-curable solvent printers are suitable for hydrographic too.

ID Printer For Fake IDs

Making covert IDs for fake identities can be a tricky task. You need the best PVC printers for a novelty card. Choose one wisely before you get caught!

Photo Printer For Android

Printing photos directly from your Android phone is no longer a thing of the future. Instead, get a photo printer for android today for hassle-free printing on the go!

5×7 Photo Printer

Novelty print sizes can be something to worry about. But not with a 5×7 photo printer. Print your lively photos in a compact size along with ultimate inks savings.

Inkjet Printer For Greeting Cards

Holidays are just around the corner, and maybe it’s time to get an Inkjet printer for greeting cards. You’ll need to get some gorgeous prints on thick paper.

Eco Solvent Printer

Large-scale printing doesn’t have to be a burden for you anymore. So get your hands on one of the best eco-solvent printers today if you’re in for the green revolution.

Printer For Zines

Zine printing is a whole new ballpark for amateur publishers. You need multiple cartridges with diverse inks for the most flawless zine print.

Printer For Passport Photos

Passport photos need to be right on the dot. Acute color representation and ideal size dimensions won’t be an issue if you have the best printer for passport photos.

Printer For Glossy Paper

Photos will come out nice on bright glossy paper. Of course, you’ll need the best printer for the glossy paper to print and preserve your precious memories forever!

Different Type Of Photo Printing Paper

The final output of printing photos will depend on the paper you use. But be sure to know about the different types of photo printing paper before setting on one.

Edible Printer Papers

Modern desserts are more like pieces of art. So you’ll need edible printing papers whenever you need to put a touch of customization on a cake!

Photo Printing Tips

Printing photos doesn’t only mean putting some ink on paper. There are particular techniques to get the best outputs. Here are the best photo printing tips for you!

Print On Plastic Card

Get your plastic card print in high quality from us. Select any design you like or customize your design. High quality at a low price. The print will be scratch-proof. Get your first at a discount.

Photo Gloss Vs. Semi-Gloss

Getting a unique finish to your printed photos is no walk in the park. Learn about photo-gloss vs. semi-gloss to know which will suit your picture best.

How Do You Print 5 x 7 on 8.5 x 11?

With the correct settings and proper printer setup, you can print any document in any size. But how do you print 5 x 7 on 8.5 x 11? Learn the easy technique today!

How To Print 4 X 6 Photos On HP Printer

Printing custom-sized photos are not something uncommon. You can use your home printer if you know how to print 4×6 photos on an HP printer.

What is a Zine

Short for a magazine, a zine is basically a tiny compilation of big chunks of texts and printed images. You can print and publish a zine using your home printer.

Difference Between Glossy Vs. Matte Photo

Knowing the right finish for your printed photos can radically improve your printer outputs. Learn about the difference between glossy vs. matte photos today.

How To Load Glossy Paper Into A Printer

Standard printers are fit for printing on regular paper. But you can print shiny photos using them if you know how to load glossy paper into a printer.

How To Print Passport Size Photo In HP Printer

HP printers are specialized for printing custom-sized photos. Use it for official photo documents once you learn how to print passport-sized photos in an HP printer.

How To Print Passport Photo At Home

Printing technology has come a long way since the days of studio photo printing. Learn how to print passport photos at home to make your life easier!

How To Print On Glossy Paper

Photos printed on glossy paper have a nice unique finish to them. But do you know how to print on glossy paper? Learn today and get it over with!

How To Dry Printer Ink On Glossy Paper?

Printing on glossy paper has its perks, but the ink can easily smudge if you don’t dry it adequately. Here are some helpful tips on dry printer ink on glossy paper.

What is Eco-Solvent printing?

Environment-conservation enthusiasts have difficulty accepting printer ink since it’s toxic. That’s why eco-solvent printing offers bio-degradable ink for all uses!

Eco-Solvent Printer Applications

Printing using eco-solvent printers doesn’t have to be limited to your imagination. You can use it to print your documents and even for home use in printing photos.

Epson Solvent Printers Vs Inkjet Printers

The debate between solvent printers and inkjet printers is not a new one. First, you have to understand the differences between Epson solvent printers vs. inkjet printers.