Different Type Of Printer For Personal Use

Using a printer for home use has numerous advantages. But you need to know about the different types of printers for personal use to make the best choice.

Print Server for Mac

Wireless Printer for Tablets

Tablet owners often have a hard time connecting their devices to the printer since the slots do not match. Users are faced with the issue of buying separate cables or connection points, making printing rather troublesome. Instead, you can check out some wireless printers for tablets.

Medium Format Printer

Printers come in all shapes and sizes, based on what you use them. For example, you can choose a medium-format printer if wide-format printers are not your style.

Printer for Tax Office

Tax offices have to be busy processing and printing various documents around the clock. Therefore, get the best printer for the tax office for an efficient workflow.

NFC Printer

Thanks to modern technology and excellent connectivity, printing on the go has never been easier. Set up an NFC printer today to experience the magic!

Ricoh Laser Printer

Laser printers have been the most reliable form of printing for decades. And Ricoh is one of the most trusted brands. Here’s all about Ricoh laser printers.

Printer For Matte Paper

Choosing the right kind of printer based on the paper type is essential. Here’s our take on the best printers for matte paper for your convenience.

Printer For Butter Paper

Butter papers are specially designed with a unique surface that upscales the print quality. But you need the best printer for butter paper to achieve optimum outputs.

Google Cloud Print Laser Printer

The epitome of wireless printing has reached its peak with cloud printing. Print anywhere anytime using a state-of-the-art Google cloud laser printer.

Ribbon Printer

Customized printing has always been a niche that many people take very seriously. A ribbon printer will come in handy for such people in many cases.

Printer For Dusty Environment

Printing is not always possible in the most stable situation. Often, you need to set up a printer in outdoor conditions. Here are some printers for the dusty environment.

Laser Printer For Label Sheets

Label sheet printing can be quite a chore if you don’t have asuitable device or equipment. Find out the best laser printers for label sheets in the market today!

Event Printer

Large-scale printing doesn’t have to be a frightening ordeal anymore. If you have the most suitable event printer, you can tackle any printing on any scale.

24 Inch Printer

Having a clumsy device on your desk is not mandatory for printing anymore. Instead, a compact 24-inch printer can serve your purpose of home-printing on the breeze.

Printer For MTG Proxies

Making your own decks becomes a lot easier if you have a printer for MTG proxies. In addition, you can now enjoy casual gaming with your buddies and print proxies.

Printer For lenovo Laptop

It’s pretty evident that you’ll need a decent printer to work with your laptop flawlessly. That’s why the best printers for Lenovo laptops come at a bargain.

Wired Printer

Modern technology is not all about wireless printing on the go. There are also some advanced wired printers in the market. Choose one if you prefer the retro style of printing.

Printer For Writers

Self-established writers have to go through the agony of writing, publishing, and printing their books. Find out the best printer for writers today to ease your burden.

Printer For Senior Citizens

Senior citizens have a hard time handling newer tech and devices as they are. There’s no point in making it more complicated. Here are the best printers for senior citizens.

Quiet Printer

Printing at your home or office is no longer a noisy affair. Now you can print in whisper-like silence, thanks to the quiet printers available on the market.

Printer For Maps

Cartography or map-making can be a fun hobby. But you will need a decent printer for maps. So find out the best offers today and make your choice.

Printer For Legal Size Paper

Printing legal documents for official use can be somewhat bothersome. First, you’ll have to find a suitable printer for legal size paper. Here are the best picks!

Printing Tips Related With Personal Use

If you’re in for printing documents yourself, you can follow some nifty guidelines. Here are the best printing tips to get the most out of your printer.

How To Print From Tablet To Wireless Printer

Connect your tablet and printer through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network. Next, open the file you want to print and tap on “print.” Next, find the printer and make adjustments. After completing all the tasks, you can now print the file. 

What Does Printer Offline Mean?

An error message that frequently pops up on our screen is the one stating that our printing device is offline. Moving forward from this issue will then require you to acknowledge the reason behind the problem and then address it accordingly. Check out some of the reasons why your device might be offline!

How To Fix a Paper Jam in A Printer?

Paper jams are a deadly problem that causes damage to the printer’s interiors whilst also tearing or scratching your paper. They occur rather frequently, meaning that you will need to learn about fixing them to prevent ugly scenarios from occurring in emergencies. We are willing to be your tutor!

How To Clean A Printer Drum?

To get flawless and sharp output from laser printers, you will require a printer drum that is free of toner dust. This means that you need to dedicate attention and time to clean the drum regularly. Take some time to learn how to effortlessly execute this straightforward task!

What Is A Thermal Inkjet Printer?

Before purchasing a printer, it is always best to explore all the printing technologies that are raiding the market. That way, you can be easily introduced to the device that is absolutely perfect for your line of work. So today, let us explore the world of thermal inkjet printers for more info!

Different Types of Printers and Their Functions

Thanks to modern technology, printers are designed for a plethora of purposes. Learn about the different types of printers and their functions today!

Is Printer Ink Toxic?

The printer ink is part and parcel of any printing device. But is printer ink toxic? Unfortunately, ink can be harmful if you don’t know how to use it right. Learn more today!

Do Inkjet Cartridges Dry Out

Inkjet cartridges are the most reliable method of refilling your printer. But do inkjet cartridges dry out if you store them for too long? Find out more!

Wired vs. Wireless Printers

Technology has taken us to an age when wired vs. wireless printers can be a challenging debate. Here’s our take on which is best and which you should choose.

What Is An Airprint Printer

Printing on the go takes on a whole new level with Air Printing. These nifty devices make wireless printing more manageable than ever!

What Is A Monochrome Printer?

Printing in color can be costly if you don’t know how to manage your ink consumption. Knowing what a monochrome printer is can tone down your costs.

How To Connect Printer To Laptop For Scanning

Duplex printers can scan and print documents simultaneously. But how to connect a printer to a laptop for scanning? Here are some easy steps to follow.

How To Get A Free Thermal Printer From UPS?

UPS has a fantastic offer for customers who wish to save on printing costs. Find out how the get a free thermal printer from UPS today and save some bucks!

Binding Types for Printing

The printing process doesn’t necessarily stop at physically printing on paper. There are different biding types for printing that you need to know about too.

What Is A Legal Size Envelope?

Mailing official documents require specific envelopes. So, what is a legal-size envelope? It’s 8.5 x 14 inches and can fit a legal-size paper without creasing.

How To Scan Legal-Size Documents

If you’re more used to handling official papers, you need to know how to scan legal-size documents. Use special scanners or deploy some nifty tricks. Here’s how!

How To Shrink A Word Document From Legal Size To Letter Size

Official documents can sometimes come in varying sizes. Learn how to shrink a word document from legal size to letter size for your convenience.

How To Tell If Your Printer Is Inkjet Or Laser

Printers come in two standard formats – inkjet and laser. You’ll have to know if your printer is inkjet or laser if you’re getting a refill cartridge for the store.

How Do You Put Legal Size Paper In A Printer?

Regular printers don’t have the option to handle legal-size papers. But you can change some internal settings to put legal-size paper in a printer and print away!

What Is Borderless Printing?

Edge-to-edge printing is popular these days, thanks to newer phot-printing technologies. But what is borderless printing? It’s essentially the same!

How To Fix A Printer Making A Grinding Noise?

Unwanted noises from your printer are never a good thing. So check to see what’s wrong and learn how to fix a printer making a grinding noise right now!

How Do I Print Legal Size Paper On My Printer?

Not all printers are fit to print on all sizes. So how do I print legal-size paper in my printer? There are some settings you can change to achieve the best output.

How To Print Maps For D&D

Playing D&D with your pals becomes a lot more engaging if you can print your own customized maps. Learn how to print maps for D&D and upscale your game!

What Is The Difference Between A Publisher And A Printer?

The main difference between a printer and a publisher is the scale of operation. While printers print books, a publisher also designs, binds, and markets a book.

Is Printer Necessary For Home?

If you’re a student or professional who has to handle a lot of documents regularly, a printer can be a handy device to have. But what printer is necessary for home?

How Printer Ink Works

The printer ink is at the center of any printer mechanism. The chemical formulation works by injecting tiny droplets into the print paper and providing a precise output.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Printers

Having a printer comes with its own set of perks. But there are some drawbacks too. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of printers before buying one.