Who We Were:

We’re uniquely positioned for the challenge. PEN is the combination of Nanofilm, Ltd. and Applied Nanotech Holdings, Inc., two nanotechnology pioneers.

Nanofilm was founded in 1985 by Scott Rickert, CEO of PEN. The start-up built on Dr. Rickert’s advanced research and grew to be a company with a leading market position for specialty optical coatings, cleaners, and nano-composite products. Nanofilm now serves a global market with a variety of products for consumer, commercial and industrial use.

Applied Nanotech Holdings, Inc., a global leader in nanotechnology, has become the PEN Design Center. It has more than 25 years in the industry, holds more than 250 patents, and has partnered with organizations like the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Army Research Office, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to find nanotechnology-based solutions to challenges.

Through our companies – present and future – PEN is committed to developing nanotechnology-based innovations to redefine products, reinvent categories, and – most important – improve people’s lives.

At PEN, we’re harnessing nanotechnology, the science of the infinitely small, in products that have a big impact on health, safety, and sustainability. They perform better, faster, smarter, stronger, cleaner – to make every day better for people and the planet.

From healthcare to homecare, homeland defense to food security, transportation to recreation, products from our family of companies are transforming the way we live, work and play.

What We Are:

pen-technology.com is now a portal constructed by printer enthusiasts and experts who wish to deliver printer-based knowledge. We dedicate our time deep-diving into research regarding the latest printers, printing methods, and technologies. Besides that, we have several years of experience that has given us the ability to serve pro tips.

As the world of printing grows, users must be equipped with the necessary information to tag along. We hope to provide just that to all of our audiences!

Scrolling down our site will help you get acquainted with the printing process thoroughly. In addition, a look into our articles will introduce several tasks that you didn’t think your printer could accomplish at home.

Printing on different types of documents or paper requires a new set of printer configurations and settings. So, we work hard to bring several dos and don’ts to the table.

Furthermore, you can trust us anytime to be your shopping companion. We highlight different printing features and portray their benefits and drawbacks depending on your needs. Several analytical comparisons are made, all based on well-organized research, user experience, and expert feedback. We hold no room for prejudiced opinions.